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#11 (1029) 27.03.2014 – 2.04.2014


Kesab, with majorly Armenian population, and adjacent Armenian villages have been totally evacuated because of terrorist attacks. Before the attack there were 1500-1800 Armenians living in Kesab. During the civil war in Syria many Armenians from Aleppo moved to Kesab.
Kesab attack started on March 21st from 8 border-points of Turkey.
On preliminary information 670 families from Kesab got assistance in Latakia. They have got shelter in the Armenian church and other Armenian institutions.


In the military service there are no little things, that’s why, analyzing the work done last year we came to conclusion that we reached success owing to stability, sub-units’ purposeful actions, maintaining high level of combat alert. Military sub-unit can’t have high level of combat capability permanently if there is no human warmth, tolerance and accomplishment.


After many years of service when the serviceman retires we must help him to choose his further profession and get worthy job, and such a work we have decided to do yet in the regiment, the last year of his service.
We plan also to organize for them retraining courses. To resolve the issue of their employment we plan to cooperate with organs of state management, local self-management, trade organizations, to organize “labour vacancies fairs” etc.


Criema’s self-determination referendum is already a history. Crimea’s population clearly expressed its will – to be independent from Ukraine and become part of Russia. On this issue the world, we can say, divided into two parts – pro and con. They talk about illegitimacy of the referendum, sanctions. However international law or just the law is born from expression of will of people.