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– Mr. Aroushanyan, recently you have been appointed as Head of Arm MoD Department of Servicemen Social Defense. Usually we interview the newly appointed chiefs after 6 months of their activity, so they would be able to talk about not only their plans but the work done. We came to know that you have prepared a new project of provision, Department’s functions, its structural changes. i.e. today we’ll speak not about the work done but about plans.

– First of all I’d like to mention that reviewing of Department’s leading documents is not an end in itself. In connection with the Defense Minister’s policy of multi-vector reforms a need appeared to develop a new provision with appropriate functions, with a new staff structure.

I think that many years in the functions of the Social Department were included not all the problems of the servicemen’s social defense. Basically they were aimed at giving financial aid to them, but targeted programs aimed at social defense of servicemen as well as reserve officers and their families were not fully implemented.

Today our aim is to be near the servicemen, perished servicemen’s families, wounded warriors till the last day of their lives, and render them not only financial assistance but to resolve their material and moral-psychological problems as well.

After many years of service when the serviceman retires we must help him to choose his further profession and get worthy job, and such a work we have decided to do yet in the regiment, the last year of his service.

We plan also to organize for them retraining courses. To resolve the issue of their employment we plan to cooperate with organs of state management, local self-management, trade organizations, to organize “labour vacancies fairs” etc.

Gayaneh Poghosyan
Photos by G.Armenakyan

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