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BE READY...Our native land, having great military-political significance, has been a stumbling block for many states for centuries. However, during the centuries-old history, the “appetite” of the Turks has surpassed everyone …

And our brave guys went to war again against the Turks, who were intoxicated with evil, devoid of a sense of homeland, and only rushing to seize the land and goods of others. And it is not accidental that from ancient times until now the sacred land of Armenia has always been anointed with the blood of brave Armenians, a land whose every meter has the value of life.

… And the boys were fighting heroically, selflessly. It was a 44-day battle of life and death, a battle of existence, dignity, a battle to preserve the Armenian type of immortality certificate … And each of those light boys was a hero of a new branch of the Armenian epic, a life-and-death struggle for the sacred land of the Homeland.

They paid with their lives for our peace, our species, our identity, the protection of our borders. And Mother Earth laughed at them, and the boys became brothers again in the brotherly cemetery …

And I want to rise from this universal pain, from the ruins of my heart, to remember, according to Yeznik Koghbatsi, one of the inviolable laws of the Universe, “This life is a war”, and to say that we must simply be vigilant and always ready for it and … to victory.

Sveta Harutyunyan

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