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DETERMINED TO KEEP THE HOMELAND STRONGThis is the second conscription after the war. The guys who are serving in the Central Command are the modern defenders of the homeland. They talk in a conversation typical of their region, make funny jokes, get acquainted, find common friends.

Major General Albert Baghdasaryan, Head of the General Staff Management Department of the RA Armed Forces General Staff, is interested in the mood of the conscripts, their readiness to serve, and asks if there are any conscripts who intend to continue their military service in the future. Garnik Gasparyan, a student from the IT department of the European University in Kapan, has such an intention.

– Today, the profession of the Homeland defender is imperative.

“He is the unstoppable enemy in front of us,” Garnik’s friend Gor Petrosyan continues. “Therefore, the profession of Homeland defender is always DETERMINED TO KEEP THE HOMELAND STRONGrelevant in our country.” My brother Napoleon fought as a volunteer in the defensive sector of Syunik, now it is our turn, we will do everything to keep the borders impregnable.

“My older brother Arman also fought in Jrakan,” another resident of Syunik, Ashot Hovhannisyan, joined the conversation. “My brother was wounded on the battlefield, my cousin Hovhannes was killed … A participant of the hostilities, died near the village of Sarintak in the Sanasar region, while removing the lifeless body of their commander from the fire … I am joining the ranks of our national army in a fighting mood, it is my sacred duty to continue the work they left unfinished.


DETERMINED TO KEEP THE HOMELAND STRONGMany of the conscripts had already been “baptized” soldiers before joining the army, living at the border and standing at the border. Radik Harutyunyan from Kapan was with the defenders of his homeland during the war days, when he was not yet 18, with his father, a freedom fighter.

– My brother Razmik was fighting in Martakert at that time, and now he continues his service on the front line.

During the war, Radik lost close friends: Tiran Petrosyan, Yuri Aljoryan …

– They kept the land at the cost of their lives, and we are obliged to keep it at any cost.


The recruits from Tashir are in the draw room of the assembly station.

Due to the epidemic, several conscripts have already watched the recruitment process of the recruits online by lot, and the parents in their territorial subdivisions are following the process online.

Sargis Avetisyan from Metsavan, like the other boys, is not waiting for where he will be able to serve. He has written an application to serve in his brother’s military unit (a conscript with a brother who is in the compulsory military service of a private can voluntarily be assigned to serve in his brother’s military unit, if his term of service does not exceed 17 months).

DETERMINED TO KEEP THE HOMELAND STRONG“I wish I had served at the same time as my brother-in-law Armen, we would have overcome the difficulties of army life together more easily, but, well, in the beginning of July Armen will be demobilized,” says Aram Aghasaryan from the village of Mikhailovka. – My brother went through a war frenzy, before leaving for service he gave me a thousand pieces of advice, ordered me to serve with honor …

– Be sure to write about Vahram Antonyan, an athlete from Tashir, he will become a father in a few days, the firstborn will be born, – the boys from the newlywed father ‘s village offer. – He does two important things, both protecting the nation and increasing the nation , is a real hero …

Vahram smiles, and he humorously “edits” what his friends say, not two, but three important things: I am defending the nation, I am multiplying the nation, and I am giving a soldier to the nation. we will have a son …

“Don’t forget our Tashir champion, he has achieved great success in the field of power triathlon,” the boys suggest.

DETERMINED TO KEEP THE HOMELAND STRONG– Samvel Harutyunyan, – the champion introduces himself, – I am from Metsavan village of Tashir. I trained in powerlifting for four months, when I participated in the European Championship in Georgia and took the first place, then I took the first place in the World Junior Powerlifting Championship in Lutsk, Ukraine, I also participated in the European Championship in Pabyanice, Poland, the Black Sea Open in Batumi and always showed excellent results. In 2021, I became the champion of the Armenian championship with the result of 195 kg in the weightlifting exercise. After the army I will continue my sports career, I will be admitted to the State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Armenia, and before that, my two years of service are …

“We will serve with honor and devotion, with the determination to keep the homeland strong and invincible,” says Alen Grigoryan from Kapan.

One is an athlete, the other is a musician, a future doctor, an economist …

Now they are soldiers, they go to the army, they go to write their own biography of the homeland defender …

It is the second post-war conscription. Peaceful service and good return …



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