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Let’s turn pages of history with UN expert, analyst Ara Marjanyan

Criema’s self-determination referendum is already a history. Crimea’s population clearly expressed its will – to be independent from Ukraine and become part of Russia. On this issue the world, we can say, divided into two parts – pro and con. They talk about illegitimacy of the referendum, sanctions. However international law or just the law is born from expression of will of people.

Last weeks Russia showed its will, resoluteness, clear ability to follow international and domestic legislative norms. For the first time we saw that country’s president addresses the highest legislative body of the country to get permission to use military force in case of possible unwilling political developments. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen such steps from other countries which started military actions outside their national borders unwarranted in terms of international law.

We can congratulate also on the occasion that Russia could prevent information war and give another point of view on the first weeks’ disinformation.

And one more important circumstance: Russia returns on the historical arena, starts to create history, clearly expressed political will and position appear.

Many people ask: what this referendum will give us? Let’s start from the thing that it has already given us something. Lately we have become witnesses of territorial pretensions of Turkey in the region.

From the beginning of developments around Crimea the Turks recalled agreements of a few hundred years back, about the rights of Tatar population. Fortunately, owing to Russian side’s efforts Black Sea didn’t become Turkish (but we were facing that danger). If Crimea remained in Ukraine, and Ukraine became NATO member, it is evident that in Black Sea region dominant would have been Turkish influence.

In this regard Crimea’s independence is really a great success also for us. Probably the Russian people would understand better the Armenian nation’s history of the latest period.

In this situation we have to welcome geopolitical strengthening of our strategic partner, the logic of wills, welcome the self-determination of the people of Crimea.

Prepared by Arsen Aghekyan.

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