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Every year in the atmosphere of healthy competition the best regiments have been defined which are being awarded with the Banner of Honour. If in two previous years the leader of combat duty was the 2nd defense district, in 2013 it was the 3rd district.

Its Commander, Colonel Karen Arstamyan told about the key to success.

– In the military service there are no little things, that’s why, analyzing the work done last year we came to conclusion that we reached success owing to stability, sub-units’ purposeful actions, maintaining high level of combat alert. Military sub-unit can’t have high level of combat capability permanently if there is no human warmth, tolerance and accomplishment.

– We fully conduct training provided by the program. In parallel we create situations close to the fighting, study possible counteraction of the attacking enemy and applying adequate impact. Our thoughts and deeds are aimed at ensuring tactical efficiency and defense of the border, combat duty, improvement of living and service conditions in the positions.

– On the permission of the Army of Defense command, parents who visit their sons during their combat duty, can stay at night in the positions. Are there any people willing to stay in the positions with their sons at the positions?

– Of course, there are. I’ll tell you more. Periodically reserve officers, veterans of war conduct combat duty on the positions together with detachments. I am confident that in the near future desirous to join them will be more. So the soldier is not alone on the border. Defense of the border is in the centre of attention of the state, the whole nation. The thing which people obtained in the result of patience, hardships, victims, they are ready to defend at any cost.

N.Aramyan, Lt.Colonel
Photos by G.Armenakyan, Captain

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