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#27 (1096) 16.07.2015 – 22.07.2015


On July 14, in the pages of the history of international diplomacy it has been registered as the day of a too important achievement: Iran and six superpowers reached an agreement on the controversial Iranian nuclear program.
“The agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is a world-class event. This confirms the status of Iran as a regional power, it holds great promise for both Iran and the countries of the South Caucasus. In geopolitical terms, it will lead to new developments, however, this agreement with Iran at the same time can have a number of unintended consequences, especially in the domestic political field.”


“Always forgive,” said the commander of his military unit, Colonel Amirkhanyan on the second day of his service. And after a while he realized that asking for forgiveness – it’s not a defeat, but a step that strengthens the unity. Forgive and forget, otherwise nothing will work.


One must understand that being surrounded by enemies, life in the border area makes people to be strong, to understand well the price of freedom. Foot of the Turk didn’t enter my village Tegh. Timur Leng approached the villages of Tegh and Khnatsakh, took neighboring village Minkend, but was not able to enter into these two villages. How can I not be proud of my grandfather Bagdasar, who hearing about the atrocities of the Turks in Western Armenia, formed a group and went to defend his countrymen. He died with his squad and was buried in Western Armenia.


Village Vourgavan is in the south of the Kashatagh region of Artsakh, approximately 40 kilometers from Berdzor. The village was liberated during the Karabakh war, in 1993.
The villagers say that a soldier from Sissian Vourg Voskanyan near Kashatagh first visited this village, then went to the northern regions and was killed in the village of Vakounis. After that, the village was named in his honor – Vourgavan.


In the foreign policy of Georgia relationship between Tbilisi and Moscow remain crucial. This is due to the fact, in which military-political bloc will be Georgia, or how Tbilisi will build its future relations with its neighbors in the region.
In the West, for Georgia they see three status. In the United States and the European Union they do not rule out that Georgia may be in the Russian sphere of influence, the more that now Tbilisi is in a favorable situation because of its position, the corridor between the EAEU members – Armenia and Russia.