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Conversation with Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces combat training department, Colonel Sassoun Badasyan.

One must understand that being surrounded by enemies, life in the border area makes people to be strong, to understand well the price of freedom. Foot of the Turk didn’t enter my village Tegh. Timur Leng approached the villages of Tegh and Khnatsakh, took neighboring village Minkend, but was not able to enter into these two villages. How can I not be proud of my grandfather Bagdasar, who hearing about the atrocities of the Turks in Western Armenia, formed a group and went to defend his countrymen. He died with his squad and was buried in Western Armenia.

During the Artsakh war Melikset Pogosyan formed a liberation group “Melik Barkhudarov” of 116 people. None of the village of Armenia did not give so much fighters, by the way, in addition to these 116 people, many of my fellow villagers fought in other groups. Today, in the national army from our village we have one general – head of the MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs Vardan Avetisyan, many colonels, lieutenant colonels, majors. Only from our group 32 people after the war continued to serve in the army, including me and my two brothers. From our village is also the President of Armenia.

Military service for me is not just a job, but self-devotion, devotion to the homeland. Only he should become a military that is psychologically ready to give 20-30 years of his life defending the Motherland, in the name of the people, for the sake of the country, for the sake of his own honor. And it should not be just big words that sound during a toast, but a lifestyle, a conscious choice of the way.

In addition, we need also willingness to respect the law of the army. Charter for the military must be the constitution, not only of the service, but also of the behavior and morality.


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