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In the foreign policy of Georgia relationship between Tbilisi and Moscow remain crucial. This is due to the fact, in which military-political bloc will be Georgia, or how Tbilisi will build its future relations with its neighbors in the region.

In the West, for Georgia they see three status. In the United States and the European Union they do not rule out that Georgia may be in the Russian sphere of influence, the more that now Tbilisi is in a favorable situation because of its position, the corridor between the EAEU members – Armenia and Russia.

About mitigating of the Russian-Georgian relations is evidenced by the fact that Tbilisi began to speak more positively about the restoration of the Abkhazian railway.

For Georgia’s pro-Western forces it was a big hit the declaration at the Riga summit of the Eastern Partnership that they don’t wait Georgia in the EU and NATO.

Economic new opportunities force the Georgian authorities to build a new quality of relations with Armenia, and the Russian-Turkish gas deal forces to change the attitude towards the military-political and economic rod Baku-Tbilisi-Ankara.

Both for the West and Russia is beneficial neutrality of Georgia. In the White House they accept that Georgia should carry out a “buffer” role between NATO and Russia as Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Naturally, the West will continue to render Tbilisi necessary military, financial or other support, but this is done only to ensure that Georgia has retained at least its current borders or sovereignty.

It is noteworthy that in the issue of Georgia, Moscow is cautious even after the war of 2008. The Russian Orthodox Church is not hurried to include in its membership the Orthodox Church of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet leaving them under the jurisdiction of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

So, in the long term for the next 5 years, Georgia will maintain its military and political neutrality, paying attention only to ensure its territorial integrity and sovereignty.


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