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#01 (1070) 14.01.2015 – 21.01.2015


RF 1st Deputy Defense Minister, Army General Arkadiy Bakhin in Gyumri presented RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan the progress of the work done by the Commission of the RF Defense Ministry in the direction of disclosure of the crime which happened yesterday. Army General Bakhin expressed readiness to continue cooperation with RA law enforcement agencies in the implementation of internal service investigation, which is being conducted in the 102 RF military base in the framework of the criminal case against the detained soldier Valeriy Permyakov.


In operations against the enemy junior commanders of the Armenian army will be given the necessary freedom to make independent decisions…
During the meeting with the commanders of the military units of Yerevan and Armavir garrisons, Defense Minister Ohanyan mentioned that the priority task of the RA AF for 2015 will be protecting the security of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh from external aggression, preservation of combat readiness of troops, reviewing defense strategy, the improvement of professional skills and strengthen discipline.

We were looking at night lights of their city and missing Yerevan. On New Year’s eve we were standing on the highest combat point of the world. In the same hour, when the whole Armenian people was celebrating New Year by drinking a toast to us also, we – the soldiers serving on the front line, were looking at the night lights of Khanlar and tried to imagine our city and our hearth.

Pursuant to the New Year’s message- call 2014 of Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan “Army is our house, our fortress”, on December 20 a visit was organized to a military unit of the 3rd Army Corps on the initiative of Chairman of the military-patriotic NGO “Tigran The Great” Koryun Ghumashyan.

Zohrab Yeganyan on his FB-page wrote about small feat of ordinary soldier who serves in Artsakh.
“Yesterday we met with the commander of the border military unit, and he told us an interesting case that expresses morale in today’s Army.
In early August, when the Azeris carried out the first acts of sabotage and we got our first loss, one soldier of the military unit N had to go on a 10-day vacation. His family members were already waiting for him. However, in the morning the soldier came to the commander and refused to leave, saying that “at this moment I can not leave the guys and go to a safe place”.