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In operations against the enemy junior commanders of the Armenian army will be given the necessary freedom to make independent decisions…

During the meeting with the commanders of the military units of Yerevan and Armavir garrisons, Defense Minister Ohanyan mentioned that the priority task of the RA AF for 2015 will be protecting the security of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh from external aggression, preservation of combat readiness of troops, reviewing defense strategy, the improvement of professional skills and strengthen discipline.

As a result of consistent work we managed to ensure not only the integrity of our borders, the security of the Armenian people, but also a healthy environment nationwide to fight against street manners, the number of violence, physical abuse, suicide is reduced. Emergencies decreased for 6%, criminal incidents – for 8%, crimes with lethal – for 50%.

The Minister also talked about the importance of public control over the army, stressing that they will be consistent in protecting human rights.

– Protection of human rights in the army is needed to be put on a strong foundation that every soldier knew – he is the one person whose job is important to combat capability, – said Minister Ohanyan.

In 2015 at all levels of command and control of the defense system will be introduced the concept of control “Command with task”, which is aimed at improving the initiative of subordinates, make independent decisions. The last goal of the new concept is – be constantly one step ahead of the enemy.

S.Ohanyan stressed that company and battalion commanders, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, the possible directions of attack must be able to independently develop plans to prevent enemy actions, high levels should provide relevant information to subordinate levels, to give the opportunity to act as freely as possible, but purposefully, to show creativity.


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