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We were looking at night lights of their city and missing Yerevan. On New Year’s eve we were standing on the highest combat point of the world. In the same hour, when the whole Armenian people was celebrating New Year by drinking a toast to us also, we – the soldiers serving on the front line, were looking at the night lights of Khanlar and tried to imagine our city and our hearth.

We were breathing the fresh air of 2015 and trying to recall – who are standing on other combat points that moment? Then we sent best wishes to all those who, like us, were looking at the New Year starry sky, who in their hearts have dreams and miss the night sky of their distant city.

We remembered also our friends on service, those who demobilized a few days ago, and the impression was that the battalion has become empty, has changed beyond recognition and irrevocably lost one of its vital components.

On the night of 31st we suddenly felt that we are the sons of one family, that we all love each other, and that love is the guarantee of strength, the power of our motherland.

And we have to try to keep in our hearts the miracle of December 31.


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