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#08 (1077) 5.03.2015 – 11.03.2015


She is demanding, opinionated, rarely smiles, but very friendly. I listen to her lesson: German language, which is considered a stale language, from her mouth sounds very melodic… Astghik Harutyunyan teaches at the Military-sports Lyceum after Monteh Melkonyan. She is the winner of the competition “The best teacher of the year”. The young teacher is recognized the first in the category of the same competition “For the preservation and transmission of national traditions”.


I was born in the village of Aznek, Askeran region. We can say that normally I could not study, because it was the most difficult period of the war. My friends and I ran away from home, want to fight, but we were told: “You are still young, the war is not your case, wait”.


This book is about the heroism of Commander Hakob Melkumyan, under whose leadership Enver Pasha’s 40 000-army was destroyed. Hakob Melkumyan was a staunch ally of Alexander Myasnikyan, Hayk Bzhishkyan, Vahan Teryan.
Enver dreamed of creating a larger Turkic empire. He called: “I realized that in order to save people from the yoke of imperialism I should start with the destruction of Russian domination.”


In my interview with the National Television of Talyshistan, and in some of other interviews called NTT a new stage in the struggle of the Talysh National Movement for independence of Talyshistan. Four months after the beginning of the broadcasting, I can add one thing: NTT is also a new stage in the struggle of all the indigenous peoples of Transcaucasia for independence! Because the NTT is a role model event also in terms of the consolidation of all the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus in their struggle. Talysh National Movement, since 2003, has actively been working towards unification of these peoples. We have repeatedly written about this, and appealed to the leaders of all these nations through mass media to unite in a common front. For us, it was always clear that only together we can achieve freedom. Armenian people of Karabakh, having gained its independence already, has launched major regional projects to support the struggle of other friendly peoples of the region. This is more than an important and laudable initiative.