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#29 (945) 26.07.2012 – 1.08.2012


Comparing the qualities of present recruits with those of previous years we can say that this conscription considerably differs from the previous ones. In this regard regiments commanders, officers working with recruits express their satisfaction.


Two years is not a long time in person’s life, however it is a whole epoch for a soldier. His life is divided into two parts – before army or after army. Really, two years is not a long time for a person, and 20 years – for armed forces. But when I mentally go back and try to remember, compare what I have seen from the conscription till discharge, progress of our armed forces becomes evident for me.


More than 15 years ago when our state was just rising, I was always thinking – “Let my sufferings create secure future for my only son”.
That time I was sure that my country will really become the most developed in the region. And today, after 20 years, only now I understand what a romantic was I and didn’t have any imagination about the complicated route of state formation.
Years pass quickly, and today my son serves in the victorious Armenian army which will become more powerful.


Glancing through “Hay Zinvor” newspaper’s first issues, I paid attention to a photo – a soldier holding a small boy in a military uniform. The photo was shot in the days of formation of our army.