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Two years is not a long time in person’s life, however it is a whole epoch for a soldier. His life is divided into two parts – before army or after army. Really, two years is not a long time for a person, and 20 years – for armed forces. But when I mentally go back and try to remember, compare what I have seen from the conscription till discharge, progress of our armed forces becomes evident for me.

Our command always emphasize that underlying objective of the armed forces of Armenia is to ensure superiority over enemy’s armed forces. And one of the guarantees of the AF fighting efficiency is the high moral-psychological preparation of the staff.

It is necessary to strengthen every day mutual respect, tolerance between soldiers, tendency to stand by his friend, to realize the collective interest.

Sargis Beglaryan

Category: #29 (945) 26.07.2012 – 1.08.2012, Army and Society, News, Spotlight