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On February 7th in Stepanakert NKR President Bako Sahakyan took part in the presentation of Bulgarian journalist Cvetana Paskaleva’s “Wounds of Karabakh” film’s DVD. The President highly assessed Paskaleva’s many-year work aimed at true interpretation of Artsakh liberation struggle against Azeri aggressors.


In early February in the RA AF Operational Training Department commanders’ trainings were conducted. The aim of the trainings was to develop the officers’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills in operational training planning, organization and process control.


On February 2nd, in the RA AF Operational Training Department 1-day trainings were conducted with the participation of infantry and moto-infantry units commanders which are in the process of formation. The aim of the trainings was to assist the commanders during executing their functional charges.


On the 1st of February in the concert hall after Arno Babajanyan a cultural program was held dedicated to the memory of perished soldiers of the national army. The organizer and initiator of the program was servicemen’s widows “Yerashkhavor” NGO with the assistance of Armenia’s First Lady Mrs.Rita Sargsyan and RA Defense Ministry.


In the 1st army corps festivities were held on the occasion of the Army Day where schoolchildren and their teachers, local governance bodies, NGOs, people of the region took part. Open classes, memory evenings, film shows on Artsakh war, sports functions and competitions, concerts, excursions were conducted. Really the festivities were of public nature.


On the opinion of political analyst Gagick Haroutyounyan, Head of “Noravank” scientific-educational foundation, revolutions in Middle East countries (which got the name “Arabic Spring”) brought to the following consequences:
a) instead of secular regimes people with “Islamite bias” came to power. There is a tendency of Islamic world integration and at the same time – keeping aloof from the West;
b) “Iran’s issue” has become more acute, the role of Turkey increased in the region;
c) a possibility has emerged that in future new nuclear powers (let alone Israel) will emerge in the region – Iran and Turkey;
d) interconfessional contradictions have strengthened in the region, because of them Armenians are forced to migrate. This is the main challenge for the Armenian people.


On the Armenian Army Day Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan during the meeting with the journalists informed that the main direction of reforms in the Armenian Army is the transition to strategic planning. He told also that the army increases its potential by acquiring armaments and defense technology.