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On the opinion of political analyst Gagick Haroutyounyan, Head of “Noravank” scientific-educational foundation, revolutions in Middle East countries (which got the name “Arabic Spring”) brought to the following consequences:
a) instead of secular regimes people with “Islamite bias” came to power. There is a tendency of Islamic world integration and at the same time – keeping aloof from the West;
b) “Iran’s issue” has become more acute, the role of Turkey increased in the region;
c) a possibility has emerged that in future new nuclear powers (let alone Israel) will emerge in the region – Iran and Turkey;
d) interconfessional contradictions have strengthened in the region, because of them Armenians are forced to migrate. This is the main challenge for the Armenian people.

Category: #05 (921) 09.02.2012 – 15.02.2012, News, Spotlight, Military-Political