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National army


In mid December Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and Chief of General Staff Colonel General Youriy Khachatourov participated in a solemn function dedicated to receiving flats by 97 servicemen.
Defense Minister mentioned that the social support to the servicemen is in the centre of attention of the state. After seeing the flats the Minister mentioned that the building is constructed with the up-to-date requests and standards.


On December 17, 2011 a combat banner was presented to the regiment headed by Lieutenant Colonel K.Grigoryan. The regiment was honoured with such a high award because the last 4 years it was always recognized as the best.
According to Colonel V.Avetisyan this regiment is the vanguard among others. All the regiments are supplied with essential military equipment and the specialists successfully exploit it. The best testimony of this is the non-pilot air equipment of Azerbaijan which was shot in September, 2011 in Karabakh.


According to Head of Operational Training Department Colonel Ishkhan Matevosyan one of the main results of the year was the increase of the level of the AF command staff. Besides in 2011 the number of military trainings was increased where the scenario of a possible war was performed.
«This year we paid big attention to the regiments carrying on combat duty. The progress in firing, technical and physical training is evident», – told Colonel Matevosyan.


Recently in the RA MOD Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan a function was organized dedicated to RA National Hero Movses Gorgisyan. Hero’s widow Ruzanna Gorgisyan and his comrades-in-arms addressed the students and teachers. Pupils from some Yerevan schools, supported by the Institute, also participated in the function.


Famous Armenian composer promised to write a march for the RA MOD Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan. Tigran Mansouryan gave this promise recently during his meeting with the Institute’s students and teachers.
During his meeting the composer shared his thoughts about the role of the army in the life of people and state and mentioned the progress reached by the army after its creation.


Recently in one of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s Army of Defense regiments National Hero Monteh Melkonyan’s birthday was celebrated in a grand manner. During the Artsakh national-liberation war against Azeri occupants one of the divisions was fighting under the command of Monteh. During the function the Hero’s photos as well as a documentary film about him were shown. Regiment’s commander Colonel Sahakyan also addressed the staff and expressed his gratitude to the team for the well-done work.


Recently regular tactical regimental training with battle firing was conducted with participation of the regiment’s crew under the command of Lieutenant Colonel A.Tsakanyan. According to the training scenario the enemy went into the offensive. Fighting started at the front line. Under the heavy fire of tanks and artillery our troops were able to repulse enemy’s attack, demolish its main forces and fortify in better positions.