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Dear generals, officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, civil servants and special workers-employees!

I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of New Year and Christmas!

2015 was a busy year for our army, especially for those performing combat duty. I mean implemented by the enemy treacherous and despicable actions on Armenia-Azerbaijan state border and on the line of contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani forces. However, we also note that this tension simultaneously gave our fighters experience, and in general they became more strong and courageous.

It was important that in the past year, we were again able to oblige the enemy peace. Since the ceasefire in 1994 for the first time the enemy applied tanks and rocket-artillery stations, hitting not only the forces on the front line, but those in their rear units and peaceful settlements. The most painful, of course, are the human losses. In my New Year message I want to express my gratitude and particularly congratulate those soldiers who serve on the front line and defend the peace of our country. Throughout the year, day and night they guarded the borders of Armenia and NKR, prevented every provocation by the enemy, carried out punitive actions.

2015 was declared the year of combat skills. We do not have large human and financial resources, so we must rely on the increase of combat capability, to perform large tasks with small forces. The winner is the army that is better prepared, where there is a high military discipline and morale, where officers and soldiers skillfully manage military equipment, can apply new and effective ways and methods of the art of war, make correct decisions in complex situations without panic.

We note also that in 2015 consistent work was conducted towards improving the social conditions of servicemen, creating healthy moral and psychological atmosphere, eliminate street manners, strengthening ties between the army and society.

From activities designed by the combat training plan, I want to highlight the strategic command-staff exercises “Shant-2015”. For the first time training of this size was conducted. In 2015, again for the first time in Armenia, exercises of peacekeeping units of the CSTO member states “Indestructible Brotherhood-2015” were held.

Armenian armed forces have great experience and prestige in the international peace-making sphere. From the UN approached us with a request to provide the required training and specialized units in peacekeeping operations. It is worth noting that such confidence have won very few countries.

2016 is declared “Year of commander training”.

Dear colleagues, our nation takes special care to the army. During the New Year’s feast in all Armenian families with special warmth and pride certainly is raised a toast to the Armenian soldier. This inspires us, gives strength and energy.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

All military personnel, civilians of our army I wish health, good service. May each day of the new year will bring joy and happiness to your family. Let there be peace on the Armenian soil!

Colonel General

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