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Dear soldier, my good friend!

Again this year – 2015, we have traveled together, another year was added to our biography and the biography of our people. We were able to be close to you in a moment of grief, and in a moment of joy, have registered successes and shortcomings, proud of your victories, shared your worries and pains, became the documentary of your difficult, but glorious way. You finished the year with a victory, dear soldier!

“Armenian soldier” always encouraged you, reminded glory, heroic past of our ancestors. We were always there with you, breathlessly watching how you collect the last forces, how you fight. And when you suddenly weakened, the courage left you for a second, we were shouting vociferous voice of Dzenov Ohan, appealing to the hereditary courage, reminding names of Tigran the Great, Vardan, Nzhdeh. And you’ve heard our voice, and felt like your heart is filled with energy, as the power flows from the heart to the muscles, as the victory becomes yours.

Open any issue of “Armenian Soldier”, and you will find yourself there – how you protect the border, how the results of the training phase are summarized.

Do you remember how many writers, musicians, artists and scholars spoke to you from our “Living room”, helped with their advice, saying that they love you, are proud of you, that they are grateful for their peaceful life. And when the enemy wanted to scare you, “Armenian Soldier” told you the truth, saying – do not pay attention to the threat of the enemy, this is just a desperate roar of the affected jackal.

From the pages of the newspaper looked at you clean and bold eyes of the heroes who gave their lives in Artsakh. You have been the protector of the border, and what was our support – evaluate myself!

We still have a long way to go, we will go together, with one heart, with a single will. We will conquer the peaks! Yes, fate was cruel, but suffering hardened us, made us stronger. We must conquer our place under the sun, on a par with the strong and powerful ones, we must be worthy of our noble species.

We will always be by your side, Armenian soldier, be the chronologist of your heroic path, and now we’ll celebrate the New Year together with numerous plans, goals and dreams. Together, we will build our country, will be happy and will defend at any cost what created our grandfathers, what we have created and have to go through our age-old way without any losses.


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