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“Study, educate yourselves, improve – that’s my call!” – Major-General Armen Ghahramanyan

Interview with Head of the Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan, Major General Armen Ghahramanyan

– This year, when I was appointed Head of the Institute after the horrific events in the beginning of the year, all my attention and the attention of the command was sent to military discipline and moral-psychological situation. I put great demands on the teaching staff of the organization in terms of quality employment. Those cases, where the student without proper knowledge can get a positive marks, are excluded. I insisted that the student who has gat failing grade, receives at least minimal knowledge during the extra lessons. Our task is to raise a devoted, patriotic and educated officer.

Since 2015, in the departments of the Institute for the first time classes are carried out with the use of computer technology, an electronic library has been created. When I proceeded to this office, 70% of the equipment was faulty. For me, it was really unclear – how the student will learn to shoot. We completely refurbished training and military equipment.

I am a supporter of the military discipline, statutory relations. Yes, I am demanding! 30 officers were dismissed from the Institute, and the posts occupied deserved officers from the military units, with serious skills.

We put in front of the students the following requirements: to constantly learn, to educate themselves, to improve! The student must understand that he is not a doer, he is not a soldier, to go to the army, and only begin to learn. He must teach others.

Today, the Institute has all the existing in the armed forces arms, military equipment, practice is conducted by these weapons.

During the outgoing year, many graduates of the Institute were in the midst of hostilities. They fought heroically performing combat missions. Our officers and soldiers at the cost of their life, health, did not give even one inch of our land to the enemy.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! I wish our country progress, people – well-being, the military – peaceful service, the wounded – a speedy recovery!

I also congratulate my cadets and officers, I wish 2016 for us be a year of new achievements and victories!


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