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Public Council at the RA Defense Minister with its diverse and bulk work constantly promotes effective interaction between society and the army. From year to year it becomes more and more tangible the involvement of the Council in the recruitment process, evidenced by the fivefold increase in application-complaints addressed to the Commission on applications-complaints from citizens.

On 1340 complaints 876 petitions were presented to the authorities on the basis of which 211 decisions on fitness of conscript to military service were reviewed. 34 application-complaints regarding legal issues and the family circumstances were satisfied.

On December 16 the work of the Commission on applications-complaints from citizens during the winter conscription 2015 started. The vast majority are statements about the health problems.

Obviously, the Commission after each call-up earns even more confidence of the public. On the first day they got already 45 application-complaints. The Commission will continue its work until 25 January. Activities of the Commission are transparent, open to the media and public organizations.


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