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If only “welcome” wasn’t observed as coming to Armenia is an event. I come to Armenia every year, often without any mission. I come to meet myself, to become an entity. The bond between a person and birthplace is mysteriously deep and versatile. I come to breathe the air of my homeland, to pass through the streets I have passed in the years of my childhood and youth, to see the places of which I have dear memories. I need this all most of all in the world. I want to listen to the frank conversation of the Armenian taxi-driver, to exchange a word or two with the shoemaker. I want to feel the breath, the colour which is so harmonious to the rhythm of my blood, to the miniature of my soul, to the content of my heart. Fatherland is my point of support in this great world.


The victory of Artsakh- is the victory of each one of us. In the end of the 20-th century, after centuries’ intermission we gained a real victory. It’s the victory of weapon, victory of spirit, which besides power and strength, belief and inflexible will, represents a perceptible acquisition- an independent homeland and native country. During 20 years we managed to keep our military achievements unbending. It’s also a great triumph, which once more affirms that independence is an irreversible fact. I wish new victories to the people of Artsakh and the Armenians all over the world.