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#27 (994) 11.07.2013 – 17.07.2013


The completed educational stage for the motorized rifle regiment under the command of Colonel K.Serobyan was rather successful. Sub-units fully fulfilled theoretical and practical trainings, camping, tactical trainings. The regiment’s command emphasizes that artillerists as well as sub-units of rifle and armoured technical battalions showed high results in shooting, tactics, tactical-professional preparation.


Conducting under the command of Lt.Colonel A.Gasparyan staff of the tank battalion is responsible for exploitation, maintaining, ensuring technical and combat service of powerful combat machinery of the regiment. If needed these machines would ensure enemy’s armoured machinery’s and live force’s shooting, reliable movement and defense of our sub-units. In the battalion they understand that for its successful fulfillment skillful specialists are needed. All the time theoretical and practical trainings are being conducted, the staff improves its professional skills.