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As for December 9th, the Armavir Military Registration Office has fulfilled the conscription plan for 70%. This was told by Armavir military commander Colonel Gagik Karapetyan to the “Hay Zinvor” correspondent. He expressed his assurance that the plan would be fulfilled and even overfulfilled. “Why you are so sure, you know that this is the generation of 1993 war year?”, – asked the correspondent.

“The task is being fulfilled, firstly, because of the guys who return from abroad to implement their duty in front of their Homeland. For this moment there are 8 such conscripts. Secondly, on the expense of previous deserters who return and go to serve, and the law machinery stopped criminal proceedings towards them. Thirdly, on the expense of those who for some reasons found themselves out of registration”.

Colonel Karapetyan informed also that persons interested in serving as contract-sergeants are for 40 people more than it was planned.

Aram Nersisyan

Category: #49 (914) 15.12.2011 – 21.12.2011, Army and Society, News, Spotlight