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On December 3rd, Disabled Persons International Day, Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan visited disabled war veteran, Artsakh liberation war participant Habet Aghababyan.

H.Aghababyan was badly wounded in arms and legs on February 25, 1993. He spent six days lying in the battle field, survived by a miracle. His right leg and left foot were amputated.

During the friendly chat the Minister inquired about the volunteer-fighter’s fighting biography, his social-living problems, presented with gifts. S.Ohanyan expressed his gratitude to Habet Aghababyan for his contribution in Artsakh war victory. He mentioned that he himself is a disabled war veteran, and the main thing is to be in a sound mind.

“I don’t want to use the word “invalid”, you are fighters for the Idea. You gave us the Victory as a gift, and its result is the 20-year old independent Armenia and its regular army which soldiers today secure our nation’s development”, – told the Minister in his address during the function dedicated to disabled war veterans.

Shoushan Stepanyan

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