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EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKSThe military unit under the command of Colonel Armen Karapetyan has recently returned from the camp gatherings, the staff has successfully fulfilled all the set tasks.

– The purpose of the camp gatherings is to improve the tactical-professional knowledge and practical skills of the personnel through theoretical and practical trainings, to strengthen the cooperation of different artillery units. We paid special attention to night exercises, carried out combat shooting from D-30, D-20 artillery, grenade launchers and jet artillery. At the moment, a battery of the military unit is performing a task in one of the border areas, – said the commander.

From 2018, the military unit has a training direction. The combat units are engaged in combat training, the cadets are trained in the profession of artillery, after graduation they will continue their service as junior commanders in different units of the Armed Forces. The opportunities of the military base training base allow to complete the program, the exercises are held in the area, the combat shooting exercises are held in the field, during the camp gatherings organized during the training stages. Before each training phase, the programs are reviewed, updated, and the training material base is improved.

EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKS– Due to the war situation, the educational process deviated from its normal course. According to the movement plan, our officers were transferred to combat units, but over time, the missed classes were supplemented, and the training base was supplemented with some artillery systems. It is possible for the cadets to master all the professional nuances of the artilleryman, so that in the future, as soon as they receive the task, they will be able to act confidently and fight independently. We are always interested in how our cadets perform in military units, we analyze the presented data, compare, I am happy to say that the result is satisfactory.

During the 44-day war, both our former and current cadets showed themselves excellently. “Both the fighting spirit and the professional training were high,” Colonel Armen Karapetyan does not hide his pride. “Albert Hovhannisyan, a symbol of the unbreakable spirit of a brave soldier in the war, served in our military unit for six months.” I must honestly admit that I was amazed and amazed by the spirituality, fighting spirit, selfless devotion of our soldiers, their fearlessness knew no bounds. I can list the names of many brave people. The courage of Vardan Klekchyan, the commander of the self-propelled artillery unit in Ivanyan, was indescribable.

During the 44-day war, the units of the military unit were involved in military operations, the personnel performed well. Unfortunately, we also had losses …

EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKSThe commander fought in one of the hottest parts, in Jrakan.

– During the battles I had the honor to communicate with the national hero, Colonel Garegin Poghosyan, I saw his large-scale work, due to his skillful leadership a large number of enemy military equipment and artillery units were destroyed.

Artillery on the battlefield, cooperating with the air force, air defense, aviation and other engineering units, inflicted heavy losses on all enemy forces.

– Our weapon would be more effective if the enemy’s large number of drones did not suppress the artillery work so intensively. The forces were incomparably unequal …

“Every war, combat operation is a touchstone of a military type, an examination,” the commander continues, “both positive and negative sides must be analyzed, necessary researches made, new methods, new approaches developed, must be aimed at every hour and every minute.” to improve our combat capabilities.


EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKSWe also talked to the deputy commander for moral and psychological affairs, lieutenant colonel Arshak Atabekyan. The lieutenant colonel is a military man who went through the turmoil of wars.

– Our personnel fought in different parts of the frontline, lost comrades-in-arms, relatives. At every moment of death before the eyes, without fear, the wounded, dead friends were taken out from under the torrent of fire. The terrifying scenes, the thrilling feelings, of course, could not but have an impact on their inner world.

An experienced officer mentions that after the war large-scale, consistent work was carried out with the whole staff.

– Together with the command staff of the military unit, officers, clergyman, lawyer, officer-psychologist and doctors, due to teamwork, interconnected work, the morale of the staff is stable today, the fighting spirit is high. By the way, he has a military unitand a properly equipped psychological point.

The daily life of the soldiers should be interesting and meaningful, so that they can fully relax and unwind after the heavy training, – the lieutenant colonel emphasizes.


EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKSThere are classes in the training points. The final final exams are ahead …

Some of the soldiers have already been baptized in battle and have been immersed in the heat of battle. Cadet Armen Zakaryan has been in the spotlight since day one, he was there for the Grad unit.

Armen’s father is a reserve officer and his brother is a military man. All three were on the battlefield during the war.

The young man is a graduate of the dance department of the Faculty of Culture of the Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, after the service he will continue his studies in the master’s program.

– While raising us, my father told me to love the Homeland infinitely and, if necessary, not to spare my life for the homeland.

EXTENDED, CONSISTENT WORKS“And I still do not believe that I survived,” Narek Ter-Poghosyan joins the conversation. Narek is serving with his brother Karen, they are preparing for the upcoming exams together. – We must know our profession as well as possible. Artillery is the main means of firing on our troops.

“And the god of war,” adds cadet Garik Sanamyan with a smile.

Garik came from Russia, he is an athlete, he did different sports, he also graduated from college with a degree in web programming.

– I returned to pay my debt to my homeland. I personally have not been on the battlefield, but I have helped train officers to teach mob boys how to shoot. I am the commander of a 120 mm grenade launcher. Good knowledge of military knowledge gives confidence, determination and perseverance.


After passing the exams, the cadets will be transferred to different units of the Armed Forces of the service and with the full knowledge and skills gained in the training military unit will contribute to the strengthening of our army’s combat effectiveness.



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