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THE BLUE-EUED HEROSamvel Gorgyan was born in 2000. He was born on October 9, in Yerevan. He graduated from school No. 108. During his school years he was engaged in kickboxing, registered many victories, was awarded medals and diplomas. He had already decided on his future profession at school age. He had ideas from various fields of programming and was always willing to help everyone. 2015 He attended the TUMO center of creative technologies. And after graduating from school, confident in his abilities, he entered the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of Yerevan State University.

On January 22, 2019 he left for compulsory military service with great enthusiasm and high spirits. The first six months he served in the training military unit. During that time he became skilled in the profession as an artilleryman. He finished the six-month period with high progress, was awarded the title of junior sergeant, then left for Artsakh after a ten-day vacation.

“I will do my best to be promoted to the end of my service,” he assured his relatives.

As an artilleryman, platoon commander, he served in one of the military units of the Defense Army. He always told about the soldiers and the army with great enthusiasm. He used to say that you make real friends in the army, you start to appreciate every second of your life that you spent with your relatives.

Samvel was very attached to his parents and made every effort to make their lives more prosperous. He had decided to be a father like his father.

“Samvel had to be home at a certain time, because he knew that his father could not sit at the table without him,” the relatives recall.

The hero Armenian was quite friendly, he liked to communicate, to have a good time with friends. He made friends with people older than him.

… On September 27, 2020, the first day of the war, Sergeant Samvel had already written a letter to his mother and beloved.

To the mother.

“Mom, I love you very much, promise not to shed a gram of tears.”

To the beloved.

“If I die, know that I have loved you more than my life.”


THE BLUE-EUED HERO“During the war, he spoke as in all other days, in a high mood,” say the relatives. “Even though the sound of terrible explosions could be heard on the other side of the phone, above it was his loud laughter, which never diminished in those days.”

Samvel called every day, spoke very briefly and assured that they were calm. The last time, on October 7, he talked to almost all his relatives, friends …

October 9 was his 20th birthday. Unfortunately, the family found out that very day that on the morning of October 8, Samvel was crowned with his name. He died from a drone strike during the defense of Mataghis. Samvel Gorgyan was posthumously awarded the “For Courage” medal.


In the unleashed war against Artsakh, Samvel Gorgyan, the blue-haired boy, stood firm and defended the homeland, while his beloved Anna waited with faith for Samvel’s return …

“I found out about the death on the night of October 9-10 … That night until the morning I wrote many letters to Samvel, waiting for an answer … A few days after Samvel’s funeral I continued to write letters again,” Anna says excitedly. One day as I was writing the next letter, it occurred to me that I should definitely write a book about Samvel.

The war was not over yet, I thought that I would definitely write about the victory, I would even go to Artsakh, Samvel’s military unit, maybe there in Artsakh, to feel closer to my Hero. But after the war I was very disappointed, I stopped writing for a while. “Then I found strength in myself and continued my work,” says Anna.

The book dedicated to his beloved is titled “Blue Hero”, a hero who lives with him, fights with him every day …

“I wrote from the very beginning, when we had just got acquainted. Surviving each episode again and writing only with a smile, before reaching the war … The most difficult thing was to write about the war … Before writing, I discussed every detail with Samvel. In fact, there was a lot to say and something to say, I wrote many times, deleting it a few minutes later. One day I told my mother that when it became a book, I would go to Samvel, sit down and read to him. My mother replied, “There is no need to read, because you wrote the book together,” says Samvel’s chosen one.

Anna wants every Armenian to read this book and get to know Samvel, because he was very kind, caring and humane. And that kindness lives on today. Anna will donate all proceeds from the sale of the book to the cause of the wounded soldiers’ recovery and recovery.


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