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ALWAYS PRESENTThe other day a memorial service was held at the N77 basic school after Ruben Miroyan, dedicated to the graduates of the school who became heroes in the 44-day Artsakh war.


“People from Miroyan: Sargis, Smbat, Vahe, Parg, Slavik, Melkon … The boys, full of life, who loved life so much, gave their lives to the homeland. The deeds of the brave are more eloquent than many words, – says the school principal Nara Petrosyan. – We, the teachers, must continue to educate a generation that will love its homeland, its country like these boys. They say that you should love the Homeland the way you will love your mother, whom you will not leave, you will not betray, you will not forget … These students did just that. Let us remember and honor all the heroes who gave their lives for the homeland. We will be able to look at the future correctly, to confirm our future actions, responsibilities, which, without a doubt, will be aimed at building peace, reviewing values, eliminating the horrors of war … ”

The students presented the short but meaningful life of the boys who became heroes in the battles, the teachers told about their students with tears in their eyes and unfailing excitement, to whom, in addition to knowledge, they gave the light and warmth of their souls.

ALWAYS PRESENTAfter graduating from the school after R. Miroyan, Slavik Ishkhanyan entered the law department of the Northern University and was drafted into the army. He served in Artsakh, he was a driver. During the war, secretly from his parents, he voluntarily moved to the center of the fighting.

When talking to his mother during the war, he always gave hope. “I will come, mom dear, do not think, I will come to do business, help my father, be a supporter.”

On October 11, while transporting the troops to the battlefield, they fell into a blockade, և all of them were killed … Witnesses say that Slavik managed to get out of the blockade, moved to our positions, but turned halfway, went back to help his friends. , ացել immortalized with friends…

There were only three months left until the end of the service …

The teacher, Sirun Avagyan, tells. “Slav studied well, always left his writing during the tests, helped everyone, and it happened that he did not manage to do his job fully and got low. I said, “Finish yours, at least help others,” he smiled, and it all happened again. I was not surprised when I learned that Slav had died, that he could have been saved, but had gone to help his friends. That was his nature, his essence. ”

Sargis Saribekyan graduated from the school in 2007 with excellent progress. He entered the Faculty of Economics of the National Agrarian University of Armenia. ALWAYS PRESENT2008-2010 He served in the army. During his service he was distinguished by his discipline and high training, he was repeatedly encouraged by the command staff with diplomas. Sarkis worked in “Armbusinessbank”. He was a fan of extreme tourism, he was engaged in mountaineering. He loved the native nature very much, he said that every Armenian should know, recognize, discover every cozy corner of the native cradle.

When the peace of the homeland was endangered, he left for the front line without hesitation.

Sarkis loved mountains, heights, and his last fight was on the very heights that he kept invincible at the cost of his life.

The height is ours, there are no boys,

The guys stayed higher…

“Sarkis was so reserved, modest, educated, balanced, you would never see him speak loudly, he was the embodiment of politeness,” the teacher recalls. “He was very conscientious, responsible, but sometimes he was late for class.” It turned out that he came on time in the morning, but he was so polite that he kept the door at the entrance of the school and waited patiently until everyone passed, and that is why he was late … ”

ALWAYS PRESENTBut while defending the homeland, Sargis was not late ….

After graduating from the European College of Armenia, Pargev Sedrakyan entered the European University and was a future economist.

Pargev was multi-talented: he sang, played the piano, attended pottery classes, and played sports.

2019 He was drafted into the army, initially served in a training military unit, then in Stepanakert, he was a junior sergeant, a tank commander.

On October 13, Pargev was wounded by a “Grad” blow, covered the soldiers with his body, taking on the full force of the blow. Eight hours of struggle for life after five hours of surgery, but …

The teacher, Zara Simonyan, speaks with special excitement and warmth about her former student. “He was so modest, reserved, extremely shy, but at the same time extremely caring.

Our Prize saved his comrades-in-arms at the cost of his life…

ALWAYS PRESENTThey say that when you feel your pain, you are alive, and when you feel the pain of the other person, you are … a human being … ”

Melkon Hovhannisyan was a member of the Armenian national table tennis team, a master of sports. He was a gifted, promising athlete, multiple champion of the Republic of Armenia, winner of numerous international tournaments. Adults at the age of 17 in 2020. In the RA championship only in the men’s singles final, yielding to the three-time and current RA champion 31-year-old Varuzhan Baghdasaryan, he became the RA vice-champion, won a silver medal and a medal. In the RA national team of adults. In the doubles of the same tournament, accompanying Varuzhan Baghdasaryan, he was declared the champion of the Republic of Armenia.

He was a freshman at the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. 2020 On July 29, he was drafted into the army in Artsakh. Two months later the war started…

Melkon fought bravely and died on October 15 in Hadrut. He left with the title of champion, returned with the title of hero …

The teacher, Susanna Vardjanyan, remembers exactly four years ago how she “fought” with the teachers in the same hall for Melkon to meet the athletic student. “Nothing that failed in this or that subject, but he raised the Armenian flag during international competitions, didn’t he?”

ALWAYS PRESENT“I was proud of Melkon’s every success, he brought medals and diplomas to school, I posted them in the classroom praising him, he was happy and excited about it. After several competitions, the school did not bring the medals. When I asked him why he did not bring them, he said, “I took the second place.” I forced him to bring them too. After all, our tricolor had risen even then. ”

After school, Vahe Karapetyan entered the Basic Medical College, then YSU Faculty of Pharmacy. After completing the first year in 2017 He left for the army and continued his studies after his service. In parallel with his studies, he worked on news website as an operator-editor, mastering all professional skills in a short time.

… 2020 He was at the front line on October 15, but when he called home, he did not say where he was so as not to hurt his relatives.

Vahe took part in the defense operations in Mataghis, Martuni and Shushi, and was seriously wounded in Shushi. After receiving first aid in Stepanakert hospital, he moved to Yerevan, unfortunately, the life of a brave Armenian was not saved …

“Vahe was a tall, black, big-eyed, bright, bright boy, full of humor, selfless, always ready to help everyone,” describes teacher Gayane Babayan. “He said, ‘Oh, you will see, I will become a great man …'”

Smbat Baghdasaryan was distinguished from the beginning with a strong honor. From the very first day of the war he volunteered and looked forward to his turn.

Smbat graduated from the State Engineering University of Armenia with a degree in Applied Mechanics. In 2014-2016 he studied at the Armenian State University of Economics, where he was awarded a master’s degree. He was an engineer by profession, dedicated to his work.

… He went to war with a high fighting spirit, took part in the hot battles in the Red Market region. Later, the comrades-in-arms will tell that Smbatents’ detachment fought heroically. fought to the last bullet, to the last heartbeat…

This is evidenced by the fact that later, when their bodies were found, everyone’s rifle cases were empty.

The teacher, Naira Shamamyan, remembers Smbat’s tasteful and fragrant humor with warmth and longing. Tells about his boundless devotion. Smbat was a pious son, a devoted father of the family, he had two wonderful children…

When going to war he said, I know where I am going and why. I am leaving for my family, my homeland և, no matter what happens, always remember with pride …



Each of the boys knew exactly where he was going …

At the end of the event, a memorial poster with portraits of heroes was unveiled in the school’s pre-military training classroom: “We will not miss you” … Their memory is in the hearts of the living…




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