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THE POWERFUL COMMANDERIt is difficult to talk about a man in the past, whose devotion to the Homeland and work was endless, who was a perfect example of an Armenian soldier, with his high human type, his professionalism, his belief. During the years of the Artsakh war, as a volunteer, he defended the native border of Tavush, then in the army for 23 years he guarded the north-eastern border of our country. He was the deputy commander of the military unit on combat duty. Armen Ohanyan was a real fighter, one of our heroic commanders who always stood on the front lines in the most difficult moments for the country. He is a participant of the April four-day sitting. He could not be left out of the last 44 days of war. He performed his tasks perfectly… Unfortunately, he passed away untimely…

Years ago, we were especially impressed by one of his words from our interview with Lieutenant Colonel Ohanyan. He was in a hurry to leave the military unit, he said. “… Now I am here in the military unit, but it is as if the ground burns under my feet. I want to go to the base. My second family, my home is the border. “My family starts right at the border.”

Since the beginning of the Artsakh war, Armen had rushed to the front line with his brother Sarmen and a group of friends. After the end of the war, he could not have imagined a more important task than to keep the gates of the Homeland strong and fortified. He joined the ranks of the Armenian regular army, was soon awarded the title of the best platoon, and then the title of the commander of the best platoon. He was the commander of the best battalion on combat duty for four years in a row. In 2019, the President of the Republic of Armenia awarded Armen Ohanyan with the Order of the 2nd Degree “For Services to the Motherland”.

The head of the engineering service of the military unit, Major Sasun Urusyan remembers. “Armen was the person whose essence you had to live with to understand. I served with him   since August 9, 2018. I already had 20 years of service experience, but only after getting acquainted with him and communicating with him did I deeply understand how to love the Homeland.

We have been on the front lines together a lot. He was always ahead of me. I was saying, “Mr. Ohanyan, where?” It’s my job, I have to go alone. “You will not go alone. “You should know that I am standing behind you,” he said. I’m a sapper. But he often came up with professional solutions that I could never have imagined. I have learned a lot from him, both professionally and humanely. I can say for sure about Armen Ohanyan, he is my hero.”

He was especially proud of the soldiers with whom he went through the April Four-Day War. It is from his words. “Today’s soldiers are our heroes of tomorrow.” It was with these heroes that he fought in this war, carried out brilliant military operations and tried to secure their retreat until the last moment of his life.

THE POWERFUL COMMANDERSays the senior sergeant of the position Razmik Hayrapetyan, who fought side by side with Armen Ohanyan during the 44-day war, and before that he had been in contact with the lieutenant colonel almost every day due to his service. “He was always in position, always. Sometimes he came and stayed. It is through his efforts that our positions are now invincible. His favorite word that became the principle of my life was this. “The homeland starts from the border. “This is our home.”

That day, their unit headed by the commander of the military unit, Colonel Tatul Ghazaryan got surrounded. Constantly encouraging the boys, Armen fought to the end against an unequal enemy ten times their size. “We saw the enemy moving in our direction,” Razmik recalls. “Do not shoot. “Wait for them to come.” When they were already 50 meters away, we started the fight. We fought to the end. Lieutenant Colonel Ohanyan fought and did the impossible. He did everything in his power to save the lives of his soldiers, even if they were wounded. As in his whole life, so that day, he was by the side of the soldier until the end, giving spirit. “When I looked at him during the fight, my strength doubled.”

Razmik is the only soldier who managed to get out of the blockade that day, having received three wounds. “When Ohanyan saw that there was no way out, he blew himself up with a grenade so that he would not be taken prisoner.”

Immediately after recovering, Razmik rushed to the positions again. He confesses that especially the example of a heroic commander takes him to the front line. “I am here and I will stay as long as I need to. I am also a resident of the border. The Turk is about a kilometer away from my village. It is more honorable for me than any business to keep my village. I love the military, I love the uniform, I do not imagine myself otherwise. Having seen the fight of our guys, Armen Ohanyan, I have become stronger, I am ready to do everything they did. There is not a day that I do not remember my fighting friends. They exist, they exist for me and they will always exist. It is true that “they do not become heroes, they are born heroes.” Armen Ohanyan was born a hero. He was a powerful person.”

“His dignified demeanor, his human qualities,” recalls the lieutenant colonel for four years. The driver who served was Arman Gorgyan – Armen was special in everything. He was an example of an officer, a real position commander. He was able to bring, bring and prepare everything with his own hands. He was demanding, he personally pursued the task to be fulfilled in the best way. At sunrise we were already on our way. we were walking in positions. “Sometimes we stayed in positions for weeks.”

“I do not know another person who is so dedicated to his work. “He was an exceptionally military man,” said Colonel Jungen Varzhapetyan, commander of the military unit. Combat duty was the most important job for him, the person on duty was the most important person. During our joint service I have been convinced many times. If he put any personal issue, positional issue on the plate, he would decide. “Okay, I will solve the problem in position, the rest later.”

Armen’s son, Sarmen Ohanyan, was born in Ukraine. As soon as he reached the age of service, he came to the Homeland to fulfill his duty. On the way to the army, the father said. “Know that you are an ordinary soldier. you are no different from anyone. Do not hope that I will help you in any way. ”

Sarmen inherited the insight in human relations, the ability to know and appreciate the other person from his father. “My father was calling from the border. “Sarmen, this is the thing to do.” And he had to be sure that the job was done. I have never had a secret from him. He was telling me. “True, I am your father, but he is your brother. You can share any questions with me. ” No matter how far he was from home, I felt that he was always by my side. ”

At the beginning of the 44-day war, for some time there was no news from Sarmen at home. They knew it was in one of the hottest spots. “My name is unique,” he says. “In another region of Artsakh, a conscript named Sarmen died. They tried to prepare my father for the worst.” They said I was injured. Then I called and calmed down. He always warned me when calling me. “Be especially careful of drones.” He called on the 17th of the month, he was happy, he said. “I will come to see you.” But, it did not work… The last day, October 19, it was 9:30 in the morning, he called and said: “We hit 4 tanks. With a soldier your age, a Turk here.” “This was the last call before the hot battles.”

Serving the homeland is in Sarmen’s blood. After seeing the cruel face of the war, the young man decided to choose the profession of a soldier. “You are Armenian, you live on your land. If you do not fight, he will not fight next to you. It’s your land, you own it. You have to fight to keep it. ”

Armen Ohanyan’s wife, Mrs. Angela, speaks about her husband with pain and pride. “He was the father and husband of a wonderful family, very caring, honest, kind, loving. He always strived to be the best in the service. I never called him. I knew he was busy. He called several times a day to find out how we were doing. As much as he was dedicated to the service, so much to his home and family. He always said. “The homeland is my family.” Sometimes they noticed something suspicious in the positions at night, or something was visible in their eyes, they called Armen. He immediately got dressed, called the driver and went upstairs at night. One day we had to go to a wedding, ready to sit, I was waiting. Armen was training. He came home around 10 o’clock in the evening. I said, “Where else should we go?” “No, let’s go for at least half an hour and congratulate.” That’s how we went in military clothes.

When the 44-day war started, Armen was worried about his son. Sarmen was at the forefront in Artsakh. After some time, their military unit left for Artsakh. During the farewell he gave a few instructions, as if giving the last farewell … But I said goodbye to him as usual. I did not want to spend in my mind…

He loved soldiers like his own children. One day he called. was very excited. “Do not see how bravely my soldiers go to battle with song and dance.” He was very strict, but the soldiers loved him very much. They said. “Dear Ohanyan, if there is a war, then with you.”

Lieutenant Colonel Armen Ohanyan was posthumously awarded the Order of the Battle Cross of the 1st degree. His bright image will always be bright in the hearts of his relatives, colleagues, people who knew him personally. He will forever be remembered as a strong, honest, powerful, determined soldier. Generations will be educated by his example.


Photos from Armen Ohanyan’s family album

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