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THE HERO PHOTOGRAPHER. HARUTYUN STEPANYANHarutyun Stepanyan, Harut, as his relatives and close friends call him, was born in 1974. He was born on April 4 in Abovyan. She is from Syunik, her father is from Meghri, her mother is from Khndzoresk. Graduated from Abovyan School No. 6, 1993-1994. He served in the Armenian Army. After demobilization, he studied cinematography at the Abovyan regional television, which later became his favorite occupation and work. Entered the cameraman department of the RA Film and Radio Academy, graduating with honors. He worked in the “Civil Service” weekly, then in the Abovyan municipality as a photojournalist. Being a photographer by profession, he took the first place in a number of local and international photo competitions.

From 2003 “Karin” was a member of the traditional song and dance ensemble. His “family” story started from “Karin” ensemble, where he met his future wife, Susanna. The godfather of their wedding, of course, was the artistic director of the ensemble, freedom fighter Gagik Ginosyan. Later in 2016 Harut founded the “Zhayr” traditional dance ensemble in Abovyan.

He liked to travel, take photos on various topics, as well as organize trips to the sights of Armenia and Artsakh. Friends say that during the campaigns, Harut alleviated the difficulties of a long and difficult journey with interesting and funny stories. Mountains and valleys, every stone and bush, every monument was dear to him. He dreamed of a great and powerful Armenia, every corner of which he sees in his photographs.

Harutyun left with the volunteers of the “Great Tigran” military regiment to defend the positions of Martakert region. On October 21, the 21st day of the war, four comrades-in-arms, Harut, Arthur, David and Sjak, were killed by a plane bomb while on duty in Tonashen. The whole city was mourning, those who knew Harut and strangers were mourning … He was buried in a heroic manner in the family resting place of Abovyan city cemetery.

President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sargsyan 2021 Harutyun Stepanyan was posthumously awarded the “Combat Service” medal by the decree of March 19, 2006.


THE HERO PHOTOGRAPHER. HARUTYUN STEPANYANOn April 25, an exhibition-sale of photos of a modern-day hero was organized in the exhibition hall of the RA Artists’ Union. Patriotic people who knew Harut and appreciated his heroism and activity gathered here. The film “Harut …” about him was shown, which was shot by the hero’s friends, director Karen Baghdasaryan and cameraman Manuk Charchyan. The film uses materials from the personal archive of the hero, photos և videos.

Beloved artists and intellectuals, such as Gagik Ginosyan, director of the Karin Song and Dance Ensemble, cinematographer Leon Atoyants, artistic director of the Abovyan Drama Theater, Armen Sargsyan, and friends shared their memories of Harut with those present. His friend Armen Yeritsyan told how Harut had reached Garni on foot through the Sisian mountains. “Harut was changing people with his optimism. “The idea of ​​recognizing the homeland was key for him,” he said.

Speaking about the creation of the film, Karen Baghdasaryan mentioned. “No script was written for the film. Everything was done by the dictates of the heart. ” Harutyun Stepanyan’s wife Susanna made an opening speech before the screening. “In fact, this event was planned to be organized in early April, as April 4 is Harut’s birthday, but for some reason it was postponed. Today, a part of my husband’s works is presented in this exhibition. All the paintings are dominated by the colors of nature: sunset, sunrise, winter, spring … The purpose of the exhibition is not only to show the works of Harutyun Stepanyan, but also to help the soldiers with health problems with the proceeds from the sale of his works. Therefore, all proceeds from the exhibition-sale will be donated to the Soldier’s House Rehabilitation Center. Thus, Harut will even try to help the Defenders of the Fatherland through his paintings, “Susanna said.

THE HERO PHOTOGRAPHER. HARUTYUN STEPANYANThe display of photos will be continuous. The next exhibition is scheduled for October in memory of all the heroes of the war.

Gagik Ginosyan. “We can talk about Harut for a long time. It turned out that since 2003 we have been walking the same destiny and path together. But during this last war we found ourselves on different fronts. As a deputy commander, I was able to call almost every day to hear news from other fronts, the situation in the country, and so on. One day I had a nightmare, I was a little ill, and I was taken to a neighboring village. However, the bombing of our area started, we needed auxiliary forces. When the bombing stopped, my daughter called and said that Khoyetsi Sjak had been killed. I found myself in an incomprehensible և confused state… There was a call again, it was my daughter, she said Harut… and she did not continue. I realized that the war had reached my trenches. I met HarutCoincidentally, during our rehearsals for our first solo concert, he approached me and said he wanted to film the concert. Then he joined the big army of “Karin”, participating in all the concerts, both as a dancer and as a photographer and cameraman. Harut and all our heroes immortalized for the sake of the security of our Homeland and a bright future. ”


Photos by Areg Vardanyan, Sirarpi

Karapetyan and Harutyun Stepanyan family archive

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