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SENIOR LIEUTENANT DAVID HOVHANNISYANThe man who called the editorial office a few days ago introduced himself like this.

“I am the father of the participant of the Artsakh war, senior lieutenant Davit Hovhannisyan. My son and three of his comrades-in-arms were killed by a drone. Can you give him a small place in the Hay Zinvor?” the man asked in an excited voice.

“Of course. In one of the forthcoming issues,” I assured him.

Then I talked to David’s father, mother, sister Ani, cousin Nelli and a fellow soldier. They were talking about David. And in their words full of longing and love, the bright image of senior lieutenant Davit Hovhannisyan was completed …

David was born in Shatin village of Vayots Dzor region. Anyone who has been to Shatin at least once, especially in summer, will surely notice how starry the village sky is at night. Wonderful mountain nature with unique images. And while walking through the gorge or standing on the cliff, you can enjoy the gurgling of Yeghegis waves rushing down the mountains.

From an early age, David stood out for his exceptional abilities, and his parents clearly saw in their firstborn a future mathematician, an architect, but not a military man at all.

His father, Ara Hovhannisyan, was against his becoming a soldier. It never occurred to him that one day the boy would make such a decision. Then he understood. The son made the decision, it is inviolable.


“We grew up with David. My brother was a man of high human character, endowed with intellectual abilities. I last met David a week before the war. We gathered with childhood friends. We went to the monastery of our village. We were very happy that day. It was one of the happiest, most memorable days of my life,” recalls cousin Nelli.


SENIOR LIEUTENANT DAVID HOVHANNISYAN“We did not instill any special patriotism in him. He was born that way. After David’s death, we found his diary, where he collected materials and thoughts on patriotism, war. He did very well in school. He especially loved mathematics, he was already deep in the world of its secrets. He had a wonderful voice, and school events were always accompanied by heartfelt performances of his military-patriotic songs. He was very sociable in nature. “Wherever he was, in the company of relatives or friends, he gave a warm breath,” says the hero’s father, Ara Hovhannisyan.


“We also did not understand how he got the love for military service. One day, when he was not even going to school, he said: “Mom, tell Dad to buy me a military uniform.” He wore the uniform, was photographed and kept repeating. “When I grow up, I will become a soldier.” That’s how it happened …

He once shared with me. “Mom, I will get married in the fall, we will have a good time. You will see what your son will do. I will become a strong military man and I will do my best so that neither my Homeland nor you will be ashamed of me. ”

“My son’s dreams were left unfinished,” says the mother, Mrs. Karine, weeping bitterly.


“David was an honest, fair, conscientious, modest, attentive and caring person. He was a disciplined officer with a great sense of responsibility. I’m not saying that. He really was like that,” said Captain Harutyun Hambardzumyan, with whom David fought on the outskirts of Jrakan.


“He had an inseparable friend, his bicycle. Wherever we went, he took it with him. We still keep that bicycle as a sacred relic …

There was an amazing harmony between me and David. “We had beautiful plans, which, unfortunately, remained unfulfilled …

Thanks to him, I was discovering the world. In the evenings we played carefree, running, not knowing where to stop … His every word was a law for me, subject to unconditional fulfillment. I miss my brother very much today,” recalls her sister Ani.


“My son promised to bring us a pomegranate. He once called from Jrakan and said, “Dad, there are so many delicious and red pomegranate juices here that I will come home and bring you a pomegranate.” “He never came back, neither brought the pomegranades.”


When the article was ready for publication, David’s father called the editorial office and announced in a happy voice:

“Today my daughter Ani became a mother. A boy was born, and named him David in honor of his hero uncle.”


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