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It was September 25, before visiting the military unit, and I asked the deputy commander for moral and psychological support to ask several good soldiers to write their views on independence for publication in the Hay Zinvor.

While we were visiting several military bases and returning to the military unit, the darkness was already spreading its wings, we were in a hurry to return to Yerevan, and the soldiers who had put their thoughts on paper were waiting for us. I turned on the recorder and asked quick questions, I decided to introduce the boys to the magazine in a few lines, but I realized that not only a few lines about each one, even writing a few pages is not enough, they were so talented. We agreed that I would visit the military unit again in a few weeks, we would talk separately, then I would only prepare the material.

Before saying goodbye, we took photos of the boys, and I said half-jokingly, promise that one day, when you become very famous in the art world, your first interview will be published again in the Hay Zinvor of the Ministry of Defense. They smiled sweetly and promised.

A few days later the war started … Bright guys became part of the light …

It is difficult to write about the unspeakably difficult young soldiers in the past tense …


BRIGHT GUYS...Flowering spring

Sarkis was once impressed, he had sad eyes, but a bright smile on his face. We saw some of his paintings in the military unit. It was clear from one or two drawings that the young man’s promising future was predetermined.

Sargis’s mother died three months after his son was drafted into the army, before he could see the boy in military uniform. The son had painted his mother in the army and himself in a military uniform, holding each other’s hands tightly, and wrote under the picture. “I remember you, I remember your honey-smelling hands constantly hugging and caressing me. Your understanding, forgiving eyes are dear and your smile that gives me life … ”

Nature generously endowed Sargis with many talents: he painted, sang, recited … It was a walking encyclopedia.

He joked that he would be a legend, legends are born in spring, in April.

He was born on the birthday of Kyaram Sloyan, a participant in the April war, and he was proud that a hero was born on his birthday.

Nature generously endowed Sargis not only with natural talent, but also with inexhaustible kindness and tenderness. He helped everyone, he reached everyone. After the service, he decided to enter the free department of the Academy of Fine Arts: “I will not bother my parents.”

However, the war interrupted the life of the talented young man …

BRIGHT GUYS...A small excerpt from Sargis Hakopyan’s essay dedicated to the 29th anniversary of independence. “Independence itself is a great concept, a powerful value, which in turn begins with the freedom of each individual soul. Man is independent when he is not in slavery and power.

With a great desire to live freely, my Armenian nation managed to be an independent and victorious nation again for 29 years, even at the cost of war and blood. As an Armenian soldier, Defender of the Homeland, I do not want us to remember only on September 21 that we live in an independent homeland, we must live with that awareness every day, every hour and every second … ”

… In a few days it will be Sargis’ birthday. Those who know him will remember bright, warm stories, events and episodes from the light boy, will remember his favorite words: heroes are born in spring, in April …

It is a flowering spring in the Armenian land …


The boys stayed higher

BRIGHT GUYS...Junior sergeant Vahe Karapetyan was the commander of a radio detachment in the rifle battalion, the deputy commander of the communication platoon. Before enlisting in the army, he studied at a French university. Vahe was fluent in five languages: Russian, English, French, German and Golden Armenian. He always presented the mother tongue as such when listing the knowledge of languages.

The purposeful young man was constantly searching, striving, striving for perfection in every field. It was in the world of colors and sounds. He learned to paint and play the guitar on his own, playing not only famous works but also his own compositions.

Music, painting, art in general, are the “language” of the heart and soul, a unique way of self-expression … Doing art gives me indescribable, indescribable pleasure, and I try to invest all my imagination. Before the army I was very worried that I would not be able to do my favorite hobbies at work, but in my free time I manage to “paint and play”. And military service, I think, is mandatory for all boys, because our sacred duty is to defend the homeland.

He defended the homeland at the cost of his life, fought heroically with his comrades-in-arms in the south of Artsakh. Junior Sergeant Vahe Karapetyan was posthumously awarded the Combat Service medal for his bravery.

Vahe had painted various pictures in the military unit, one of the paintings is on a war theme: a firing range, land burning from explosions, burning buildings and structures and soldiers fighting heroically …

BRIGHT GUYS...The hero boys had a thousand dreams, a thousand goals … The boys who loved life so much, full of life, gave their lives to the homeland.

They had decided that they would reach heights, now they are the highest …



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