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MILITARY UNITS READY TO RECEIVE FIRST CONSCRIPTSThe work of properly welcoming conscripts in military units started weeks before the conscription. In the military units under the command of Maj Gen Jirayr Poghosyan, everything is ready for the proper reception of the recruits. The barracks are furnished, the classrooms are equipped with educational posters and didactic materials.

“Everything is new here, in a new way,” says Lt Col Petrosyan, the head of the combat training department. In our presence, he presents to the officers the order of meeting the conscripts, the primary exercises envisaged by the program.

“When the conscripts enter through the doors of the military unit, they will be the first to see the panel dedicated to the immortal heroes. Both conscripts and officers became heroes in the hot battles in the southern regions of Artsakh. Those who have returned from the battlefield will train the recruits with their knowledge and experience, with their war experience,” he assures.

MILITARY UNITS READY TO RECEIVE FIRST CONSCRIPTSLt Galust Petrosyan was in the war for 44 days, from Jrakan to Nerkin Khndzoresk. The lieutenant who received his baptism on the battlefield represents his “comrade-in-arms”, the cannon with which he fought against the enemy.

“My friend” excelled on the battlefield. Or “wounded”, but fought to the end. The renovation is mostly completed. With a few minor tweaks, he will be back in the lineup, introducing himself properly to the conscripts. “I’m on my own artillery to teach conscripts the professional secrets of the artilleryman,” said the senior officer of the battery, gently stroking the cannon.

“This war changed everything. We have a lot to tell and teach the conscripts. Today, approaches to the learning process have also changed significantly,” says the commander of the battery, Captain Harutyun Harutyunyan.

In another part of the military unit, apart from the daily routine, one of the most important tasks is to properly prepare and meet the conscripts.

“The staff of the military unit is ready to receive the conscripts, who will be trained by disciplined, highly trained officers and sergeants. I am sure that they will be able to train them for the military service in the envisaged period,” assures the deputy commander, Lt Col Arthur Martirosyan.


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