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THE BRAVEST AMONG THE BRAVEHakob Harutyunyan is from the village of Myasnikyan in the Armavir region, one of the modern-day heroes. He fought in the hottest parts and stood out with his unique heroism acts.

“When he was a child, Hakob made a bow and arrow out of wood and said he would go to fight the Turks,” say his relatives.

At that time, his peers were playing “ours against the Germans, ” while Hakob’s fight was against the Turks. The grandmother who was from Sarighamish told a thousand stories about the atrocities of the Turks, told about her brother who went missing on the way to exile, whom she hoped to meet again but never did …


Growing up in a patriotic family, Hakob decided to become a soldier and receive military education. He practiced Greco-Roman wrestling, hardened and strengthened. He studied excellently at school, wrote poems about love and homeland.

“He had a generous soul, infinitely kind and willing, he was generous, he could share the last money with a stranger, he was ready to help and support everyone,” this is how those who know Hakob describe him.

He was admitted to the Russian Airborne Command College, where he also excelled. Many diplomas are eloquent witnesses to all this.

The officers of the Armenian Army would have been replenished with another dedicated, highly qualified military officer if he had not had to drop out of school in the fourth year due to the conflict on national soil. During the usual line, the head of the course, a Dagestani, insulted the Armenians, adding at the end that the Turks did the right thing to you, Armenians…

The honorable and fiery young man could not control his anger. He “explained” to the humiliator of his national dignity “what was right”….

After this conflict, Hakob returned to Armenia, tried to open a karate school, train young people, but due to financial problems he could not achieve his goal and had to go to Russia.

… On September 27, when the war started, Hakob was one of the first volunteers of the “Myasnikyan” detachment in their region, got a weapon and left for the battlefield.

And again, ite was the same enemy, the same murderer and criminal.

Hakob fought with selfless devotion. The idea of ​​protecting his homeland was sublime to him. His comrades-in-arms tell such episodes about Hakob’s heroic deeds that they will serve as a good plot for any action movie. As a teenager, his idol was Rambo, and his friends called him that. He, too, seemed to be a hero of the action movie, brave, fearless. He said, send me to the most difficult places, give me the most difficult tasks. He was not afraid of any difficulties, he was invincible…

The battles were getting hotter and hotter. The enemy was superior both in military equipment and manpower. And when an extremely tense situation emerged and a forced retreat was ordered, Hakob rebelled: the Turk should not see our back, terthegerwetwe should shoot last; the last blow should be ours. And when the enemy was hit, ignoring the danger, he would enter the torrent of fire…

Hakob later joined the special forces, he was entrusted with a detachment, the brave young man carried out bold actions behind the enemy, performing every task excellently.

When he learned that his cousin Hayk had disappeared in the Kubatlu (Sanasaravan) area, he decided he would not return home until he found Hayk. Moving from detachment to detachment, performing various tasks, he moved in that direction.

On the way, without hesitating for a second, without resting, he entered the most dangerous areas, took the wounded and dead from the front line, and when his comrades-in-arms told him to  hand over the shift, calm down a bit, he refused. He never found his cousin.


Hakob fought for some time in “Yeghnikner” under the command of Artsakh’s hero, Col Karen Jalavyan.

The legendary commander does not hide his respect and admiration when talking about him.

“Hakob was the bravest of the brave, the most courages one…”

While performing another combat mission, his group was besieged, only five out of sixty people managed to get out of the ring. One of the wounded soldiers managed to say that Harutyunyan Hakob was hit…

Then with the representatives of the Red Cross, when they managed to enter the designated area, they did not find Hakob’s body…

The enemy is afraid of the heroes, both alive and dead.


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