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THE INVINCIBLE SOLDIERIn the photo is Narek Martirosyan, a small giant, one of the best officers of our time. In his biography, this war should be emphasized, singled out among the heroes, made a symbol.

He served in Jabrail. They have literally moved mountains with a unit of thirty people; they took mountains on their shoulders and fought heroically.

I met him in the first days of the war in the south of Artsakh, at that time he was silent, now he is summarizing both what he did and his heroism. They liberated a position led by three officers and threw back more than a hundred enemy soldiers. He inflicted the greatest damage by destroying the accumulation of the enemy with a Mukha. They handed over the liberated position to our units to move on for the next task.

They were trapped in the vicinity of the Tutak mountains, came under fire, suffered losses. And Narek, risking his life, put Mukhan to work again and created an opportunity for a way out. Only standing fire is allowed to fire from this weapon. He was shooting from a lying position, and injured his back, but he saved everyone, they managed to get to a safe place.

While fighting in another direction, his shoulder fell out due because of a shelling. He did not leave the group, stayed and gave the coordinate to the rear with one hand and sometimes fired with a machine gun.

When the commander was appointed to a higher position, Narek was appointed the platoon commander, now Lt Martirosyan. He has been in the village for a few days, on a short vacation, and will soon be in Artsakh with his comrades-in-arms, already as their commander.

The modesty of these guys is simply immeasurable, they are enviably restrained in presenting their heroism and very generous in writing the heroism of the commander and the soldiers. Narek and the other boys are a vivid example of an invincible soldier.




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