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THE COMMANDER IS IN HIS MOUNTAINS...In order to “get rid” of the legendary commander of the famous “Deers”, the Turkish-Azerbaijani armed forces used aviation for 44 days, targeting especially his probable location. Nine times. Fighter aircraft, strike drones, artillery shells, incessant rocket attacks. He survived unscathed, with a radio in his hand and an army behind him.

The foundations of the rocket-propelled grenade, the fragments of the tin roof and the unexploded shells are left. They were disappointed after each attack when they saw the colonel’s new counterattack. Then they aimed at the direction of the building, which was already leveled to the ground, fired again, and came as a surprise.

… The commander is mysterious, impregnable like his native mountains. Thoughts can be read, perceived without questions and answers. The short silence is, unfortunately, the hottest and longest conversation.

War episodes about the hero of Artsakh can be told every day. Not to mention a real heroism. He is in his place, in his work, in his mission. Organizes duty. As always, he is silent about the difficulties, as well as about every action they take. The military service is continuous …

He is proud of Chalyan from Stepanakert, he is a hero. They are waiting for the adversary. The corpses of their own people, without a conscience, continue to be ignored and left on the battlefield. They are about fifty. Only near that position.

On the horizon is the front line: forested, rainy and foggy.

The commander of the front, which did not retreat from the war, fought until the last minute, resisted countless attacks and caused innumerable human and military equipment losses to the enemy, is in its mountains …


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