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WE KEEP THE REAR STRONG...The school of Bazmaghbyur village of Aragatsotn region has turned into a unique workshop. Ruzanna Khachatryan, an accountant working in the field of tourism, says.

“We were constantly thinking about how to be a soldier in the army. Seeing on TV how the volunteers work in camouflage nets, we decided to take the initiative to sew mattresses and weave nets.

Teachers, students and parents joined us. Everyone in the village, from the youngest to the oldest, tries to help and support the army as much as possible,” adds school principal Marine Ghazaryan. “They even get upset when they forget someone.”

And even though it is a school vacation, the work in the school is in full swing. one cuts, one sews, the other sorts and arranges what is there.

Sixth grader Mane puts a chair under her feet to weave the top of the net, weaving as fast and strong as she can. Mane’s brother Masis is at the front.

“My brother Hovhannes is a participant in the April war. At that time we sent sweets and cigarettes to our soldiers. All the soldiers standing at the border are our dear brothers.”

Mrs. Susanna’s nephew, Sargis Hartenyan, is on the frontline, he is a contract soldier.

“In everything I do, our defenders are on my mind, prayer is on my lips, Lord, be a guardian …”

“My uncle Azat gave his life for the homeland, he was 29 years old, he left voluntarily, we have two victims from our village,” says Gohar, hiding her excitement. “I hope the war will end soon.”

WE KEEP THE REAR STRONG...“Let it end soon and with our victory,” Arusyak concludes with Gohar, whose brother Melsik is also at the forefront.

Families displaced from Artsakh have temporarily taken refuge in the village.

Melanya Abrahamyan from Stepanakert says that they were received here with special warmth, with the kindness of a relative, and she, as a sign of gratitude, decided that when the birthplace is peaceful, she will host everyone in wonderful Artsakh. Melania’s husband, son, daughter’s husband are on the frontline.

“When we learned that camouflage nets were being woven in the school, we decided to take part in them, every step of supporting the army brings peace closer.”

“There is nothing more precious than peace,” Grandma Ophelia adds, “This is the third war of my life. I lost my only son, Arthur, for the first time. Let no parent see that pain….” May the land be peaceful, may the mother’s heart be peaceful, and may the soldier use all that we have used in peace. We are with them wholeheartedly …


WE KEEP THE REAR STRONG...The work is in full swing, everyone is trying to do their job quickly, with quality, it is for the soldier, and the task is done with the dedication and responsibility of the soldier.

Alina Minasyan does not even raise her head from the sewing machine. Every second is important. The result of their work will soon reach the defenders of the homeland, among whom is his son Hovhannes. Alina’s son was recently injured during one of the fights, and after recovering he hurried to the front.

“This is how we try to be useful to our army. And if necessary, I am ready to join our brave defenders of the homeland,” said Marine Ghazaryan, whose son Mushegh volunteered from the very first day.  “I am proud of our sons, their boundless courage and heroism. Their spontaneous devotion to their homeland is immeasurable, they are real lions. My son always manages to call from time to time during the fights, he always asks the same question: Mom, how is the fighting spirit?”

“High, my son, as always,” I answer, like a soldier.




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