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COMABAT DUTY CARRIED OUT WITH HIGH SCORESOne of the units of our army was recognized as the best among the artillery units on combat duty. I still knew that much when I went to the artillery unit to talk to the commander of the unit with the best results. “I will call him and, you will talk,” said the deputy commander of the military unit, Lt Col Atabekyan, before the commander of the subdivision came to his office.

“Maj Vazgen Amiryan is one of our best artillerymen, a specialist, to whom you can assign any responsible task, confident that everything will be done at a high level. And his division, which was recognized as the best, is one of our most ‘tortured’ subdivisions. We give hime the most difficult tasks.”

“So, am I going to talk to Vazgen Amiryan?” I have had an article about Vazgen before.

“During the planned event, the state of readiness of the artillery units was checked,” continued Lt Col Atabekyan. The leadership of the military unit, which included the division on combat duty, highly appreciated the work of the unit and its commander. By the way, at the beginning of this year, Vazgen’s unit carried out combat duty in another border zone of our country and again was recognized as the best.

Soon, the young soldier with restrained behavior, Maj Vazgen Amiryan, entered the room of the deputy commander of the military unit. It has been several days since the unit returned from the military unit event held on the south-western border of our country. Vazgen is satisfied with the results of his unit.

“Our division left the permanent post with an “alarm” signal and went on combat duty as part of another military unit. It was a unique experience, very important, because my staff had the opportunity to directly pursue the enemy, to carry out all the measures of combat duty against the enemy. During this time, the division was engaged in improving the combat readiness. We have received “good” and “excellent” marks for implementing all regulatory performance issues.

I think the actions of the personnel are very important, especially in the field. If necessary, they can replace each other: the commander, the driver, the sniper, etc … In general, we pay special attention to the development and organization of fast and efficient operations of the personnel of the jet systems. Our division can carry out a combat task even without an officer.

COMABAT DUTY CARRIED OUT WITH HIGH SCORESI remember Vazgen’s words from our previous conversation. “We do not leave friends on the battlefield. Wounded military equipment is also our comrade-in-arms, whom we must remove from the battlefield at all costs.”

Vazgen Amiryan and I walked around the territory of the military unit. His subdivision is engaged in the daily process of combat training. They serve the military equipment returned to the military unit from the combat duty, conduct daily exercises. Major Amiryan in turn approaches, instructs and directs the staff. He did not miss the opportunity to say a word of appreciation to his subordinates.

“In the field conditions, the morale of our staff increased even more. The whole staff of the division was involved. This was a particularly strong and interesting experience for our conscripts, who also performed very well. Our whole staff became more friendly, more honorable, became one fist and one person. I consider the task fully fulfilled, I am satisfied with everyone.”

… We were operating as close to combat as possible. The combat calculations fulfilled all the tasks set before them. During that time, the division carried out engineering equipment works, command observation posts, firing positions in separate combat systems were prepared, artillery reconnaissance was carried out, the area was studied. The staff had the opportunity to directly observe the real opponent, to analyze his possible ideas. This is very important, especially in the current developments … Thus, the army is brought to a completely different state and level of readiness. I especially want to mention the excellent work of the commander of our reconnaissance squad. The results of his observation were passed to the command of the given military unit.

The young officer spoke with particular warmth about the superior command, whose appreciation and support are especially useful in bringing any new idea to life.

“All our events are developed, carried out according to the superiority, our commanders are by the side of the staff at any moment, they prompt and encourage. They pass on their knowledge and experience to us, and we in turn pass on our subordinate staff. I would like to take this opportunity to express my special thanks to the command of the military unit, which received us warmly and supported us in every way. Everything was done to make us feel at home. The enthusiasm that was passed on to our staff during that time was also of great importance, and everything was done at a high level.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate all of us on the occasion of our Independence Day and assure that we are ready to fulfill any task at any moment to ensure the peace of our people,” said Maj Amiryan. And his words instilled unconditional confidence.




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