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MILITARY EDUCATION: ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGEThe new academic year has started. The educational process has also started in military schools. The topic of our conversation with Lt Col Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Head of the Ministry of Defense’s Education Department of the General Department of Personnel and Military-Educational Policy, is the achievements in the military-educational sphere, the key issues and goals.


Q: One of the main issues of the personnel policy of the Ministry of Defense is to staff the army with people who have received good military education.

A: From the very first day of its formation, our army has worked to train personnel of all levels on its own. This is the right approach, but taking into account that we were in the throes of war, in the beginning the appointment of our personnel was often forced and hasty, the newly appointed personnel generally did not have the appropriate military education.

MILITARY EDUCATION: ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGEIn parallel with the formation of the Armed Forces, the system of military universities of the Republic of Armenia was formed in just a few years. A three-tier officer training system is now in place. The first level is provided by the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University and the Marshal Armenak Khanperyants Military Aviation University. The second stage is the master’s program, and in the third stage is the Kanayan National Defense Research University of the Ministry of Defense.

Q: Mr. Hovhannisyan, in connection with the requirements of the time, the innovations in the military sphere, the priorities are also changing, to what extent is our national military education comparable to the international scientific-educational developments today?

A: Of course, time dictates. The curricula of the universities are being revised, a new teaching methodology is being used, and the teaching staff is being trained. The positive dynamics are obvious, but we do not yet have a complete education system in line with the final world standards. There are still some gaps, and all our efforts are aimed at bringing the educational sphere in line with modern requirements. We will expand our means to provide multilevel military education by creating a postgraduate course. Before that there was no such opportunity, we conducted such postgraduate education in Russia.

MILITARY EDUCATION: ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGEI dream of having a new officer in the 21st century that meets the standards of the 21st century. That is the main direction of our work. Our officer must have a brilliant knowledge of Armenian history, world history, be a military expert, well aware of geopolitical developments, speak languages, in order to be able to always present our country appropriately on various international platforms: military exercises, peacekeeping mission …

Q: I think that just being endowed with tactical and professional knowledge is not a sufficient precondition for the full image of an officer, it is also important – moral, psychological and human qualities.

A: Yes, I completely agree. The humanitarian bloc, which is the basis of officer education all over the world – to be a pedagogue, psychologist, leader, orator, to be able to take the army with him – all this is one of the pillars of military education. The psychological education of the cadets is in the center of attention in the military schools. A number of subjects taught are directly aimed at developing the voluntary and psychological characteristics. Recently, the teaching of “Good Governance – Ethics” has started for the 4th year cadets of military educational institutions.




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