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"WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO LOSE ANY PIECE OF POTENTIAL"Interview with Col Albert Baghdasaryan, Head of the General Staff’s Management Department


Q: Mr. Baghdasaryan, the idea of ​​forming а militia, which is under active discussion today, was of great interest to our people and was readily accepted, but some details need additional clarification. What was the reason for the need for the formation of it?

A: Nobody has ruled out the possibility of resumption of the war with Azerbaijan since the establishment of the ceasefire. In other words, the ghost of war has been circulating in our region for more than 25 years. And we have blocked the way to war, constantly extinguishing the hope of Azerbaijan to reconquer Artsakh through weapons and military operations. The war will resume when Azerbaijan is confident that its army and people can defeat the Armenian side.

Q: Recently, the probability of war has increased, if we remember the April hostilities, the Tavush confrontation.

A: If we discuss the issue in the realm of logic and common sense, we must state that the probability of war has decreased, because quite recently Azerbaijan tried to measure its strength with the Armenian side, it lost by and large. Therefore, for at least a few years we must refrain from aggressive and harsh rhetoric and the adventure of moving the settlement of the Artsakh issue to the battlefield.

Q: Why a few years, what period is it?

A: I mentioned a conditional period, that is, until the balance of power can change in its favor.

Q: If it can …

A: Of course, it will not be able to, as it has not been able to in the last 25 years.

Q: But the military-political leadership and logic of Azerbaijan are miles apart.

A: Taking this into account, we must make sure that our army and people are always ready to give a strong counterattack to any encroachment on Azerbaijan and, in general, to all regional challenges. We must focus all our potential on strengthening the defense capacity of the homeland.

Q: Is the militia a part of that potential?

A: Yes! And I want to emphasize the moral and psychological sound of the idea. The formation of a militia suggests that the whole nation should be involved in building, strengthening and defending the homeland. Every Armenian, in Armenia, in the Diaspora, in Artsakh, is a part of our collective strength. Every Armenian, striving for his own success, the well-being of his family and relatives, must remember that he must also take part in the cause of our great home, Armenia, its prosperity, the protection of its borders and its guaranteed future.

Q: Ideas are prompted by laws, and as far as I know, joining the militia II is voluntary.

A: Ideas are prompted by unwritten laws, making the behavior of one group of people an example for others, increasing the circle of people who follow the proposed idea. We are a small country, burdened by a heavy past, surrounded by enemies, and our first vital task is to have a defense-capable country.

Q: The defense capacity of the country is characterized by several indicators: economy, science, moral and psychological state of the society … The combat effectiveness of the army and the quality of armaments are the most important indicators of defense, but not the only one.

A: That is why the formation of the militia emphasizes the idea of ​​mobilizing the full potential of the nation and gives everyone the opportunity to implement it.

Q: We have a union of Yerkrapah volunteers, a reserve force, what new forces will the militia recruit?

A: The Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers consists of volunteers who took part in fighitings and is a non-governmental organization. Enlisted in the reserve are citizens with experience of service in the armed forces, who have a military profession. The reserve has a rather low age limit. Citizens up to 70 years old can be included in the militia, moreover, the unregistered part of the reserve force, people who have not served in the army, women …

Q: How will 70-year-old men and women defend the homeland?

A: Defending the homeland is not only on the front line, it is not only with weapons. The homeland must be defended every day, working selflessly, helping the person next to us, the compatriot, to stand up with patriotic undertakings, realizing that we all have a Home, Armenia, and no one can be strong, strong, protected in a shaky, weak and endangered country.

Q: Are there restrictions for women?

A: No. I am sure that the flow of women will be very large. Our history proves that Armenian women can be next to a man both on the battlefield and in the back. Weak and fragile women at first glance are actually very vibrant and strong, they will bring their example to the world, the message to men to be more courageous, strong. Armenian women are very patriotic, disciplined, brave and organized.

Q: What structure will militia have, what system will be formed?

A: As you know, today only the idea is clearly outlined, and the details of its implementation are under active discussion. According to the initial plan, the militia will have an approximately army structure, there will be platoon, platoon, battalions with their commanders. The structure will be under the leadership of the city or region. The governors and mayors will have deputies, who will be the commanders of the militia in the area at the same time. This is the proposed option, which must be approved by the public before implementation.

Q: Will the militia participate in the protection of the borders in peacetime?

A: Only during the war.

Q: Let’s say I want to join the militia, what should I do?

A: According to the procedure presented in the project, you should apply to the structure of your area, submit relevant documents, and then conduct an appropriate interview with the participation of specialists to decide where your strengths and abilities will be used. If necessary, there will be training stages, exercises, etc.

Q: In my opinion, the age of 70 is a very high threshold, if a viable structure is formed with training programs and exercises …

A: Being involved in the militia is voluntary, everyone will be offered a job that suits their physical and mental strength. In this context, a 70-year-old citizen can be useful to the country. I want to emphasize again the idea of ​​forming a militia. We have no right to lose any piece of potential. Every representative of the nation must contribute to the defense of the country, whether in the rear or on the front line.




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