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THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING ME A GOOD SONAn interview with National Hero Ruben Sanamyan


Q: When talking to outstanding people, I always ask how they were in childhood and adolescence. I think they were just as unusual at different stages of life …

A: Nobody has ever said I was an extraordinary child. Many children, like me, love guns, make wooden weapons. During the Movement, I was not the only one running away from home and climbing the mountains with a homemade gun.

I was a peaceful, kind boy, like all beloved children. I was the younger brother of my three sisters, my parents’ only son, and I was always surrounded by warmth and care.


Q: Your classmate said that you were a leader. That your word played a decisive role in a friendly environment.

A: To be honest, I do not remember being different than others. My friends and I listened to each other’s opinions, someone was not in charge, and that was very good. I like to make friends, I have a lot of friends, a lot of people. Making friends is a fine art.


Q: What features characterize friendship?

A: The same qualities that characterize human relationships in general, honesty, willingness to help each other, selfless devotion. One should try to take care of others, not put oneself on someone else’s shoulders.


Q: When was the idea of ​​becoming a soldier born, how was it born?

A: My hero was my grandfather Hambardzum. Is there a childhood without a hero? Mine was Andranik’s soldier; my mother and uncle used to tell many stories. It never occurred to me that one day I would fight like my grandfather against our age-old enemy. But his image, in military uniform, fearless, ready to die for his homeland and his commander, was always with me.


Q: For his commander?

A: It is normal for a soldier, but of course I did not know about it when I was a child. When you complete a combat mission, the second most important task after completing it is to save the lives of your comrades-in-arms.


Q: Or your own life?

A: You will not understand, you will think, I am saying loud words.


Q: Tell me, I will understand.

A: You have to do the task and make sure that you all survive. This is the best option, but if someone still has to die, it is better for you to die than your comrade-in-arms.


Q: Why?

A: Because when you die, you win, when your friend dies, the feeling of guilt does not give you peace of mind. You have to stand in front of his mother and child. It is terribly heavy. I first experienced this feeling when I was a conscript. I was drafted in 1995. I asked to be included in the reconnaissance squad. The enemy was constantly organizing subversive actions. Victims, victims … The boys, who were sitting happily next to you a moment ago, were talking about the future, returning home wrapped in a tricolor flag … A new feeling awoke in me. Something new strong.


Q: Was it called revenge?

A: To be honest, it was more a desire to scare the enemy than to take revenge. There is no other way to restrain the Azeris, you have to respond to the blow with a stronger blow. You have to scare them. And my life became a punitive act when I was only 18-19 years old. After I was demobilized, I thought I would never return to the army. … But there is a highway in your life, which is defined from above, and which you can not avoid, because all your roads will bring you to the same place.


Q: The military?

A: Yes. In 2006, I wore a military uniform again. … Life has two sides. You live in peace and you do not know that there is another life on the border of living and dying, where other people live, where everything is different, even the passage of time.


Q: Other? How other?

A: Their lives are divided into two parts. One half is at the border, the other half at home. Sometimes I got into a fight with the enemy, I felt his breath on my face.


Q: What keeps you at the border?

A: I am a very peace-loving person, I love my family, I love my friends, I love life. My element is not on the border at all. But someone has to defend the border. Someone has to block the enemy’s way. This is a difficult, dangerous job. How is anyone else better than me to leave that job to him? Is someone else’s blood redder than mine?


Q: You have a Combat Cross 2nd degree order, a Combat Duty 1st degree medal, a Marshal Baghramyan medal …

A: When the opponent starts to become active, you think that the next medal will be hung on your chest or on a pillow.


Q: In fact, your Tavush heroism was the greatest, the most glorious.

A: I led a battle. We performed the task with maximum efficiency, we did not even have any injured. I must admit, it was a hard fight. And a very critical one!


Q: What were the commander-in-chief and the officer say after the victorious battles?

A: The meeting was short but impressive. Frankly, it never occurred to me that I would be nominated for the title of National Hero, because I have fulfilled my official duties, as always, I have invested all my efforts to complete the combat mission with maximum achievements. This is my life, my daily routine.


Q: Yesterday you were one of all, today you are a National Hero … How do you feel?

A: Responsibility. Frightening responsibility. When you are posthumously given the title of National Hero, you can sleep peacefully: people will weave your character with the most beautiful lines. Your shortcomings will be forgotten, new virtues will be attributed to you. And when you are alive, you must be able to be the hero of your people anytime, anywhere. All this is such a great responsibility that there is no room for joy or pride.


Q: I asked your daughter, are you very proud to be the daughter of a national hero? She replied, “I haven’t had time to feel anything yet, I’m just very happy that Dad is home.” Do you often miss home?

A: Yes! My children miss me a lot. What did my son say, is he proud of me?


A: Artyom said that he has always been proud of you. But, he said, I chose the profession of a programmer.

Q: The key is to become a good person. Love his family and homeland. This is a perfect formula, because the love for the homeland refines us the best. It is a medicine that destroys all the negative qualities in your soul.


Q: As a National Hero, what would you say to the people?

A: Thank you for considering me a good son.




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