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DETERMINED TO BECOME A DEDICATED DEFENDER OF THE MOTHERLANDCadet Inga Yepremyan knows very well the rules of wearing military uniforms and the place and significance of each of the insignia.


“The opening should be 7 cm, the blood type should be on the left side, and the army emblem on the right,” Inga said, continuing to work on getting the uniform she had just received.

The decision to become a soldier was also chosen by Inga’s childhood friend Julieta Arustamyan.

“I am sure that I will wear the military uniform with honor and will pleasantly surprise and make my parents happy. Of course, there are and will be many difficulties, but I have to overcome them. I have chosen this path, so I will overcome it without hesitation. I have to learn well so that I can continue my father’s work with dignity in terms of knowledge, says Julieta.

From Artsakh to Yerevan, from Kristapor Ivanyan Military School to Military University. Inga’s and Julieta’s passion and interest in the military began in school years and deepened during their studies at the military school. A new page in the military life of the girls ‘opened’ at the military university, with clearly defined goals and the determination to become a devoted defender of the homeland.

“The defense of the homeland is a sacred task, gender has nothing to do with it. A lion is a lion, be it a female or a male. The most important thing is to be a good officer,” says Inga, and Julieta continues, “Of course, there are difficulties, we will overcome them. I am determined. I have to study well, acquire such a wealth of knowledge that I will not have problems in terms of knowledge while serving in the army. I am determined because I have undertaken to continue my father’s work. By virtue of family tradition, the honor of wearing a military uniform was passed on to me from my father to my brother, and to me from my brother.”

In Inga’s case, the picture is completely different. There are no soldiers in the family. She made the decision to become an officer on her own and received the full support of her parents.

DETERMINED TO BECOME A DEDICATED DEFENDER OF THE MOTHERLAND“The difficulties are only to be overcome, we will overcome them,” says Inga, whose purpose is indicated by the badges. During her years of study at the Military College, she was awarded the Army Excellence and Best Athlete badges. She took the first place in the republican stage in shooting, gaining 49 points out of 50, and finished in the top three in his weight category in arm wrestling.

From the classroom to the square: cadets take the first steps. The first and most important event in their military life is expected in the coming days – the swearing-in ceremony. Before that, you need to correct the posture, learn the procedure and features of honoring, correctly executing commands and conversions.

In the morning, during physical training, line training, tactical exercises, they do not lag behind the boys.

“We are waiting for the oath with a trembling heart,” Melanya Khachanesyan joins her friends.

Melanyan is from Tavush region. As our beauty stressed, she is encouraged to choose the military profession.

“Because I live on the border, I decided to get military education. I made my decision on my own and I have no regrets. Four years from now, when I graduate from the military university and join the ranks of officers with the rank of lieutenant, it will be a small achievement of my life, a successful start to a long and difficult journey,” said Melanya Khachanesyan.

… The daily routine is interrupted by lunch. The girls have already adapted to the military agenda and schedule. They speak positively about the conditions of the military university, as well as about the menu.

The cadet swearing-in ceremony is ahead, after which the cadets, deeply understanding the meaning of the military oath, will remain faithful to their mission with honor and responsibility.




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