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DISCHARGEHrach Sloyan, the brother of Kyaram Sloyan, recipient of the Combat Cross 1st degree medal, was discharged.


It is a conscription. These days, thousands arrive at military commissariats from different parts of the country to start service in various military units. At the same time, the soldiers who have completed their honorary service are returning to their homes. One of them is Hrach Sloyan, the brother of Kyaram Sloyan, a hero of the Four-Day War and a recipient of the Combat Cross 1st degree medal. Before leaving for the service, the young man had made a decision for himself. He will go, serve with honor, return, visit his brother’s grave and say with honor: “I continued your service with honor.”

After discharge, he came to his mother, Mrs. Nvard, with a large bouquet of roses. “Mom dear, I’m back.”

“When Hrach came to me, it was as if Kyaram came home with him, I had such a feeling,” says Mrs. Nvard.

We are near the grave of four-day war hero Kyaram Sloyan. Hrach appears in a military uniform at his brother’s grave, stretches with the whole body, as is the military order, salutes to the image of the hero brother.

“My brother has fulfilled his military task to the end. I, too, was guided by his example. Now I feel very proud to stand in front of the picture of my brother! I know he would be proud of me,” he says, turning to us.

“First of all, I wanted him to go, serve and do his duty,” Mrs. Nvard joins her son.  My Kyaram is a hero, Hrach should have kept his honor high with his service. Now I feel great pride along with joy. Hrach also served and returned with honor.”


DISCHARGE“I really wanted to go to serve,” says Hrach. “It was my duty to continue my brother’s work in his memory, my homeland, my family. During the service I always tried to do all the tasks well. I was especially good at fire training. The soldier must be able to shoot accurately. When I was on combat duty, responsibility was my dominant feeling.”

Recently, when the fighting started in the north-eastern border of Tavush, Hrach and the whole staff of their military unit was ready to help like one man.

“Both the newly arrived boys and the guys preparing for demobilization, we were all ready to leave for Tavush at any moment. But things did not reach that. I will be very happy if there is no large-scale war. My family and I have seen the worst effects of war. There is nothing good in war. But if the enemy tries to come to our country again, he will definitely regret it. We will stand like one man.



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