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Recently the third, final stage of TIR (total internal reflection) facilities “The best division, battery, account and agent” contest has been conducted in the RA AF. According to TIR troops Deputy Head Colonel A.Poghosyan, almost 150 servicemen – officers, warrant officers and soldiers participated in the contest. Control tasks were worked out according to the methodology drawn by the TIR Department specialists. The advantage of this methodology is that with its help it is possible to review many tactical norms. E.g. our accounts managed to bring ЗРК “С-125” from fighting to marching condition and back quicker than it is mentioned in the norms of the Soviet army. As a result of checking tasks the norms fulfillment time for RA AF “С-125” was considerably reduced.

According to Colonel Poghosyan, TIR troops of the Armenian army strive for maximum use of military potential contrasting quality with enemy’s quantitative advantage. The TIR Armenian specialists gained positive experience during Artsakh liberation war against Azeri aggressors when they shot at more than 30 Azeri attacking air equipment which comprised over 20% of Azerbaijan Military Air Force in early 1990s.

Arsen Aghekyan

Category: #43 (908) 3.11.2011 – 9.11.2011, National army, News, Spotlight