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It is difficult to say how many times the President of Azerbaijan went over again the RA AF military parade video, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Armenia, but fact is that from that knockout he recovered only recently, after a month from the 21st of September. Aliyev presented himself to his nation in a very cheerful way and started criticizing the parade of the Armenians. According to him, tanks were on carriages, that means “either there is no fuel or the equipment is faulty”; the Russians participated in the parade, which means “Armenia is the fore post of Russia; chaplains went marching, that means “the Armenians have no human resources for the army”.

Please tell me, whom Aliyev wants to deceive? If he really believes in his words then why the Azeri media each time set up a howl when the Armenian troops conduct exercises with heavy military equipment at the Armenian and Azeri forces contact line?

After this are there any doubts in Azerbaijan about the manoeuvrability of Armenian tanks? Aliyev’s words indeed mean that he remains in shock discovering that the Armenian army is stronger than he and the chief of Azeri intelligence service thought.

As for Aliyev’s reaction on Russian soldiers’ participation in the RA AF parade, he consciously passes over in silence the well-known fact that during the aggression against NKR and Armenia on the Azeri side Turks, Chechens and Afghan mojaheds were fighting. Turkey helped Azerbaijan by all means, and today Turkey’s military aid to Azerbaijan looks like a military alliance which is closer than even USSR-Cuba alliance during the Caribbean crisis. So, if Armenia is the “fore post” of Russia than Azerbaijan is Turkey’s pillbox.

As for the Armenian chaplains who marched in the Republic Square of Yerevan, they showed that the clergy of the Armenian Church is directly involved in elevating the military spirit and moral-psychological condition of the Armenian army. Naturally this is not coinciding with Ilham’s superficial notions about Christianity according to which the Armenians had to hold up their second cheek to the enemy. That’s why Aliyev’s confusion from what he saw is very natural.

In turn, the Azeri unmanned aircraft shot on September 12 by the Armenian TIR showed that the invested huge resources in production and purchase of unmanned aircrafts in fact are in vain. How is possible to easily accept this? It is more difficult to realize that the arms of his own production are rubbish. But can’t help! Recently an Azeri lieutenant was heavily wounded because of the sniper rifle’s explosion, which was manufactured in Azerbaijan and had a symbolic name “Istaglal” (independence).

In this situation the President of Azerbaijan can’t do anything but to mention the carriages of the Armenian tanks.


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