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THE COMMANDER OF THE POSITIONSen Sgt Meruzhan Aharonyan. He is the commander of the outost at one of the most difficult locations. He has been a contractor for about three years. In a short period of time that we spent at the outpost, we watched the skillful and clear actions of the personnel led by him, it became clear that the outpost is in safe hands, this part of the border is reliably protected.

The people in charge of the base and position have a great role in the proper organization of the combat duty. The process of successful organization of the service depends on the level of their tactical and professional training. The opinion on the readiness of those in charge is formed from the very first meeting, the report. The clear and understandable speech of the soldier, his neat appearance and tough attitude already form a certain opinion about the implementation of the combat duty in the given section. Meruzhan reports in detail to the Deputy Commander of the Military Unit on the border situation and presents the existing problems.

After a short conversation, the deputy commander announces a training alarm. An attempt was made to subversively penetrate the enemy, and then an open attack.

“To your positions. Action,” the captain’s order was heard. Seconds later, the arsenal of the base is emptied. Everyone rushes to the set point with the weapon attached to them, occupies the appropriate cell. Earlier, the head of the position reported that the staff had passed the base’s round-the-clock defense and was ready to perform the task. The result was satisfactory, but that alone was not enough. The deputy commander walks around the trench, talks to the soldiers standing at the checkpoints, and checks their level of professional knowledge. The result was again satisfactory.

THE COMMANDER OF THE POSITIONMeruzhan is from Tavush region, he is well acquainted with the way of life of people in border areas, he is well aware of the need to protect and develop those settlements.

“I chose the contract service for several reasons. Of course, in the conditions of the village, it is a well-paid, interesting job, but there is something more important: we keep the country, and it is an unspeakably noble feeling. Everyone has the nerve of patriotism. Patriotism is a common feeling. A few hundred meters away is the native village of one of us, a little further on, the other.”




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