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THE MUSIC OF EVER-FALLING BULLETS …Artsakh Buniatyan. The heroic surgeon of the Artsakh war saved many lives in the field hospitals, treated the wounded soldiers and civilians wounded in battles. In addition to his duties as a surgeon, he helped in births, but this did not limit his enormous service. As soon as he put down the doctor’s lap, he took the pen in his hand. I have heard many times from the participants of the war how Artsakh Buniatyan approached with his notebook and pen, asked questions and made notes. Huge documents have been preserved during the war years. And all these testimonies have reached us in the form of diaries and books born as a result of the memoirs of a rare person, a devoted person. And Sona Hoveyan Buniatyan, the doctor’s wife, a faithful comrade-in-arms of his unique destiny, carried out the work of collecting them piece by piece and preparing them for publication.


After graduating from the institute, Dalton was assigned to Kazakhstan and worked there for several years as a surgeon. After he returned to Armenia, he married Sona. The young couple lived through many difficulties but they would never regret living together for a single day …

Three girls were born in the family.

And one day Dr. Buniatyan finds a way to get rid of his strange name. On day in 1989, he invited his friends to Etchmiatsin for a baptism. He took the name of his favorite Artsakh through church rites.

Artsakh Buniatyan was not only a famous surgeon, but also a practical psychologist. He specialized in hypnosis in Leningrad. During the war, he was often summoned by psychologists.

When Artsakh Buniatyan was appointed chief physician of Berdzor hospital, he had a very important principle. Newborns should only receive Armenian names. He even compiled a list of special Armenian names and posted them in the hospital to make it easier for parents to choose.

THE MUSIC OF EVER-FALLING BULLETS …… In 1995, Artsakh Buniatyan returned to Abovyan, but less than a year later he was told that a hospital had been opened in Berdzor, and that he would be the chief physician. At first he did not agree. They said that his friends were waiting for him and wanted to see him. When he left for Berdzor, he learned that the appointment order had already been written. So he stayed in Berdzor, where he and his family moved. In 1996-2008, he was the chief doctor of the medical association of Kashatagh region (former Lachin) of the Artsakh Republic.

The beloved doctor and great man passed away in on July 18, 2012. His body rests in the Yerablur Cemetery with his comrades-in-arms. For his patriotic activities, Artsakh Buniatyan was awarded many awards by the Armenian and Karabakh governments, including the NKR Combat Cross 2nd degree order. By the decree of the NKR President, he was awarded the title of Honored Doctor. However, neither the title nor the position changed him. He remained true to his and his friends’ ideas…

At the time of our conversation, Mrs. Sona was in Berdzor. Our interview with her was a connection between Yerevan and Berdzor, a vital connection with the heroic territory and people. When I picked up the letters of this amazing man, Artsakh, I realized that this very short story dedicated to him should be supplemented with a few excerpts from them.

Since last year, Berdzor’s fully renovated hospital, founded by a doctor, has been named after Artsakh Buniatyan.




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