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THE FIRST COMBAT FIRE PRODUCES GREAT RESULTSRecenlty, the cadets of one of the rocket units conducted a combat shooting exercise in the Baghramyan training grounds. The purpose of the exercise was to strengthen the theoretical knowledge acquired by the cadets.


Cadet Hrant Avanesyan:

“We had been waiting for this for five moths. We are so impressed.

THE FIRST COMBAT FIRE PRODUCES GREAT RESULTSI find it difficult to express the feeling I felt at the time of the fire. Only after firing did I feel the real power of the artillery, realizing the importance of accurate calculation and infallible damage on the battlefield. From the moment I pulled the trigger, I believed in my strength and gained confidence in the successful execution of combat missions.” Hrant’s father is a reserve officer. From the years of the war until recently, he defended his native borders. Hrant speaks frankly that excellent performance during the service is the only way to look into his father’s eyes. “When I call after the exercise and say we fired ‘excellent’, my father will be the happiest man in the world.”

The artillery is followed by the firing of self-propelled artillery systems. The combat unit charges a powerful, 152-millimeter artillery shell and awaits the desired command. The fire shook the area.

THE FIRST COMBAT FIRE PRODUCES GREAT RESULTSAt the appointed time, the Grad jet systems “began to work.” Within seconds, the cadets secured the coordinates received from the command post and directed the barrels of the jet system to the training target. One by one, the rockets fired like fireballs at each other, reaching for their targets. The cadets who carried out the fire are satisfied. The targets are hit. “It simply came to our notice then. We felt the power of the Grad fire, now there is no doubt that we are ready to carry out any combat mission,” cadet Hayk Sahakyan says enthusiastically. Hayk’s trust is shared by the other boys.

Everyone agrees. Only a soldier who fires his own fire, smells hot barrel and gunpowder, and has the courage to pull the trigger can stand up to the enemy.




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