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New Armenia, new opportunities, new energy and new breath. A young and forward-looking Armenia. A few years ago, this may have seemed like a dream to many, but now it is possible with the efforts of many dedicated individuals who believe in their own strength and are confident that with their small investment they can do much for their country. And thanks to the organizations that help them, a strong springboard is provided for those who want to live and create in their country.

Today we will get acquainted with one of the real heroes of our new reality. We learned about Norik Davtyan from the Armenian Arm patriotic youth organization, whose members got acquainted with him when he was just about to make one of the most important decisions of his life: moving with his family from Russia to his homeland. Among many other programs, the youth organization is implementing a repatriation program. And it was difficult for Norik at that time to meet and get to know each other.


Repatriation as an important program


MY HOMELAND IS THE BESTArmenian Arm was a spontaneous movement that began to form in 2011, says the organization’s founding chairman Vahan Khorkhoruni.  “As young people aged 19-20, we understood that each of us can be useful to our country in some way, according to our chosen profession and interests. We were joined by the United States, London, Moscow, and other countries, as well as our other friends, who are students in those countries and concerned about Armenia’s security, and specialists in various fields. We have also cooperated with the Ministry of Defense; we have been involved in a number of other programs aimed at strengthening army-society relations. … But let Norik himself tell about his new life and activities in the homeland.”


Happiness is when you know why


“One of the last houses in the village is ours. It’s on the rise. Our greenhouses are a little far away. From above, you can see our village very easily, as well as the neighboring Armenian villages, as well as Azerbaijan. Every morning when I wake up, I drink coffee in the yard, I look right in front of me, on the border, and I understand how important it is for us to be here.

It’s been a little over two years since I had a great desire to move to Armenia. I had never thought about it before. I have spent most of my life in Moscow. I was born in Gyumri on January 6, 1989, soon after the earthquake. In the days of the four-day war, there was fear in me. Maybe in 20 years I will have to tell my children about our country as a fact of the past, a memory … This was the most horrible thing for me.

Then I realized that I owe it to all the heroic boys who died for our country.


Here, in our country we do not realize how rich we are. There is a country rich in oil, another rich in gas and other minerals, and we are rich in our lands, our wonderful nature, our water, our blood, and these are, without exaggeration, great wealth.


Choosing the right platform


When it was still a wish to return to my homeland, during my next visit to Armenia, I got acquainted with the youth of the Armenian Arm organization. At that time, I still had no business connections or experience living in Armenia. Communicating with them gradually strengthened my confidence. Later, the organization helped me a lot in moving to Armenia and solving my various problems. The field of agriculture was completely new to me. When you have a goal, a dream, help comes unexpectedly.

… And my biggest dream is for my son to be able to be proud of his country, to live happily here. I want him to become an adult and say that the best country is my homeland, ARMENIA.



Photos by the author and from Norik Davtyan’s family album

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